How I manage Raynaud’s

I suffer from Raynaud’s. Exactly when I first started having this, I don’t know, but I remember about the age of 8, being fascinated as I got up during cold nights to use the toilet and looking down at my feet, watching them change colour. I was never worried about it and I don’t remember being in pain then.
But in my teens, I remember my legs being in a lot of pain when it was freezing. You can imagine in the last year of school, when trousers were allowed for girls as optional uniform, I happily said to my Mum I want trousers and I felt so much better wearing them.

When I noticed having further problems, it was when I was about 21. I was in a factory that was cold, as shutters would be opened for stuff we packed to be taken outside on trucks. I remember my hands turning blue and I would drop things, complaining of the odd pain, which got worse for my right hand after an injury I had from my job there.
Someone else noticed how my hands were turning blue and said, “Oh, you have got Raynaud’s, my Mum has it.” At the time, I did not know what Raynaud’s was. But she said to me, who noticed my hands changing colour, that I had it. As I discussed my problems I was getting, she said, “Yes, my Mum suffers like that, you ought to get it checked out.” I didn’t. Instead, I just put on some gloves.

Roll on to my 30’s and I noticed when winter came, my hands were getting bluer and right hand getting more painful. My feet and hands would still feel like ice hours later from leaving the cold outdoors, even though I was inside my home, in the warmth.
Every winter I had to wear socks in bed to keep my feet warm and pain-free. I noticed how my feet were feeling numb too, so I ordered myself some thermal socks for when I was out and about which helped.

A few years ago I was pestered by my then boyfriend, (now ex,) to see the doctor about it. I said why? they can’t do anything for me, then what I am doing already. But he was still persistent and so when I did have an appointment with the doctor on something else, I mentioned about it there and then. The doctor confirmed what I knew for some time myself, that I do have Raynaud’s and, what I was already doing was fine and she said that’s what I need to do. But also there were tablets I can take to help. But I already made that clear at the start that I did not want to take anymore tablets, so my doctor said, just keep on doing what I am doing, by keeping warm and wrapped up. But if it ever was to be troublesome, I could always come back for those tablets if I wanted.

For now, I still manage by just keeping wrapped up, making sure I am warm.

Do you suffer with Raynaud’s?