Chit-chat: Are you having another cat?

I thought this question would have stopped now, but it still seems to crop up and it did recently again.

The short answer is no.

But going deeper into the answer why it’s a no, if you are interested, is that I am in no situation to own another cat.

Most private properties, especially flats, do not accept pets, or to the point, definitely not cats, or dogs. Unless of course you are in a council property, they will allow, but there may be a limit as to how many, which varies in different areas. So until I am in a council property, I can’t even contemplate thinking of owning a cat. Even if I was allowed a cat, financially I can’t afford a cat right now.

By the time, if not before, owning a council property, I may go down the route of owning guinea pigs. But again, this is whether I can financially, even though I know they are more affordable once they have their set up. But I want to make sure they have the best. So until I know there is a place in a corner of a  room where will have plenty of room in a pen, it won’t happen till I know.

The only connection in my life when it comes to cats, is Cats Protection. I will go every time I have donations to give, from where Miley came from originally. So if you see me near there, it’s because I am donating, not adopting. 😊

Day 12 of the #blurtselfcareathon – Animals

I have expressed in a past post, that I am an animal lover, as long as it the four-legged furry kind, or two-legged feathered friends. If I am to own a pet, with the exception of birds now, these are the pets you will find in my home, if I am to be a pet owner. I have had pets from an early age.

Pets I have had:

  • Goldfish
  • Dogs
  • cats
  • A hamster
  • Budgies
  • Canaries
  • Cockatiels

Cats is what I seem to have had the most of and this is what I would like to continue doing, unless circumstances stop me.
But the experience I had when owning a hamster one time, is these can give you as much love as a larger pet can. My hamster, Bubbles used to cuddle with me for about half an hour, (give or take,) by lying either in the nook of my arm, or under my chin. But her favourite place was to be under my chin and close to my neck. So if cats were not a possibility, I may have a hamster again.

#blurtselfcareathon #theblurtfoundation #mentalhealth #selfcare

Thank you to my readers, in showing…

I would like to write a short post, just to express my thanks to readers who have shown an interest in my cat, Miley.
I was looking at the stats yesterday and to say there have been lots of blog posts I have written and the post, “Thank you, Miley,” had not long been aired, this post was at position 15 of most read posts. The other posts of where I gave update on Miley, were even higher. I felt rather humbled yesterday, discovering this.

Thank you. 🙂

Thank you, Miley.

Thank you Miley, for all the endless love you gave to me. It was so endless, I remember right at the beginning, it felt so suffocating. But that soon passed, looking into your adorable eyes. How could I not resist. 🙂
The love and endless cuddles never stopped when you were ill, except I noticed our final days, we had extra.
The very last day, you did not want me out of your sight, as you cried when I went upstairs. When I came down within two minutes of your calling and grabbed the blanket, you knew that was a sign I was sitting back down. You soon jumped back onto my lap and lay back down.
Thank you also, for welcoming and trusting my visitors. They sure loved you, as I did.

Miley my cat on my lap

Thank you for trusting me, which I noticed you gained trust after the first 5 minutes of being in my home. I thought you’d be a nervous cat, with the observations I made at the cat rescue place where I first met you. I was going to sit on the floor at your level, so you could come to me when you wanted, but just as I was going to sit on the floor, you jumped up on my lap and settled down. There you stayed, until I moved you.
The next day, you curled up on the floor in a sunny spot and did not move for some time. I tested you, by banging the kitchen door deliberately, because sometimes I did do this accidentally. You never moved a muscle, so I knew you felt safe. But all the same, I tried to be careful with the kitchen door.

Thank you for being such a faithful friend. You were constantly at my side, (or on my lap,) in our home. Every time I wanted to get up to make a cuppa, you just did not want to move. You followed me as though we were joined at the hips, as though you did not want to let me out of your sight. I had to look before I moved, to make sure I would not stand on your feet.

Thank you for having fun, as you learnt how to play. You soon learnt a ribbon wasn’t scary and it was actually fun to play. You soon learnt how to play with other toys and soon your toy box was expanding. It was fun to watch you create your own play too. 🙂

Thank you for learning how to be independent and to do your own thing when you wanted, in the safety of your own home. I will never forget the first time, as I was panicking, thinking, where are you? Are you alright? I found you asleep on your cat tower upstairs. I felt relief, knowing you were alright and I crept back downstairs, so I would not disturb you. But at the same time I was happy you felt safe and confident to be further away from me, I felt empty-handed until I got used to it. 😀 It was good we could have our own space and yet still meet up for our cuddles, when you wanted.

Thank you for making me laugh. There have been many antics over the years you have done, which made me laugh. There was always something new to see, when I least expected it.

Thank you for being my little nurse. I have not been well a few times since knowing you, but the first time you seen me ill in the night, I could see you were concerned. I kept being sick and in the end, I found it easier to just get on my bean bag and nod. I seemed to be able to be still more, when I chose this option. You were also happy with this option, so you could be by my side. You kept checking me over, before curling up next to me.
My bedroom was out-of-bounds for the first couple of years, but you twisted me around your little paw and I gave you a trial to see if you would stay in a certain spot. This spot was at the bottom of my bed, on your blanket. You learned this better, than I thought you would.

Thank you for teaching me to love a cat again. It took 4 years before I would own another cat again, (you,) because grief affected me that much. The love you gave and everything else that we shared has taught me not to allow grief to get in the way again. When the time comes to own a cat again, I will once again adopt, like I did you and always go for an older cat. The difference being that the next cat would be much older than you possibly and one that is passed by. I want to give that cat a home.
When I will one day do this, I don’t know, as the situation is not right now as I do more things. I don’t want to leave a cat home alone, as it is just not fair. Also, with me looking at one day moving, if I end up in a private flat before a council one, the chances of being allowed a cat is slim. Money situations that have changed and possibly could change in the future, means I may not have the money as I did before, knowing vet bills I may not be able to cover.
But when one day it does happen and when I am in a council property, I will give that elderly cat that is passed by, a very loving home for his, or her final days.
This is where my purpose lies, giving an older cat that is overlooked, a home. 🙂

Miley was put to sleep on the 19th March 2018, after discovering she had many tumours. I announced it, in this post.


(Please note. I only lit this candle while taking this photo. Due to where I have this glass photo frame, I don’t have my candle lit, as it’s in my bookcase. I hope to have it one day in the future on a fixed wall shelf, or a suitable corner, so I can light it.)

The above photo, the verse on the glass frame says:

A trusting bond
we share together,
Loving feelings that will last forever.
A loyal friend
you always will be,
My beautiful cat so special to me.

© Christine Allan

Update on my cat, Miley.

Since last update, after taking Miley to the vets for her follow-up appointment and discussing with the vet how she has, or not been, it was decided an x-ray was needed. It was my call, as they did not want me to feel pressured. I said I wasn’t and I think it would be best if Miley had them. But depending on x-ray result, I also allowed an ultrasound to be done, if required.

I ended up with bad news, as Miley’s x-ray shown she had many tumours, which a couple of the tumours were big.
One of the largest of the tumours was in the soft tissue near her left front leg, hence she held that leg up at times. The other tumour, once it gets bigger, would affect Miley’s breathing.

After discussing things which then led onto to discussion about euthanasia and my wishes, I brought her home. I have now been spending the last few days with her, although a couple of the days I have gone out as planned to give our home a normal atmosphere.
It’s also a chance to give my mum a chance to say goodbye too and anyone else. I have made arrangements to have her put to sleep at home, on Monday. Me and my mum will be with her, when she is put to sleep.

As you will expect, it will be quiet blogging for a bit. x

Update on my cat, Miley.

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to those who have sent good wishes, the support and for following with interest, when it has come to talking about Miley.

Miley ended up going to the vets a couple of days later, after this post; “Birthday wishes to my cat, Miley.” She had a full check-up and nothing could be found wrong physically. I thought Miley would be dehydrated at the time too, but she wasn’t. Miley had lost some weight though and if I have concerns about this months down the line, then just bring her in so they can monitor her.
Blood was taken to do some tests, which came back all good, so no signs of any kidney/liver disease, no diabetes and her protein levels were normal. So it seems to be stress related.
As it seems stress related and I have the Feliway going, there is nothing else much I can do, but I have gone and bought from iTunes, “Calming Music for Cats Deluxe Edition,” which is created by “Relax My Cat.” I came across this by accident a couple of years, or more ago and I played it online, out of curiosity. I could see Miley was falling asleep with it. It still seems to relax her in some way and so by playing this, I hope it helps her further in some way. I have also bought Andre Rieu – ‘Amore’ album. I hear classical music is calming for cats as well, so relaxing for her as for me.
I have also bought Russell Watson – ‘The Platinum Collection.’ I like hearing Russell Watson as well as Andre Rieu, but buying either of these artists for myself, is a first for me. I have enjoyed listening to something different, in my own home.
Over a week later from her above appointment mentioned, I took her back, as I wondered if she might be in pain with her back legs. But also, since the above mentioned appointment, I noticed Miley was holding her front left leg up slightly, even though she does weight bear on it. After another good examination and getting her to walk across the room, the vet could see a hobble going on, put her posture was better than at home. Vet agreed to try her with some painkiller and to see how she goes the coming week. This  painkiller is in liquid form that she has once a day, at the dosage the vet has told me. If it seems to help, then dosage will be sorted for long-term use, which she will have to go back to the vets every 3 months for regular checks. But if any deterioration happens, then I have to bring her back in sooner for further examination that was mentioned, which at the moment I won’t disclose here, as I have not told my mum everything because she would focus on that and not the present of just getting her comfortable and happy again.

I have cancelled my holiday

I have cancelled my holiday to Torquay I was having originally in August, because of Miley. By cancelling at this point, I just lose my deposit, rather than the whole thing. I need to be available for Miley, so I know she gets her painkiller every day. I made the decision a few days into March, after her last appointment at the vets because of what I have said in this post, but also because of another possibility I have decided not to mention, along with anything else that could crop up.
While Miley is alive, I have no further plans of holidays away, only day trips.

Tomorrow, will be one week from being on her painkiller. I give her painkiller every night at the same time. Giving it her at night makes sure she always gets it at the same time with me being home without fail after work, etc.. so that if she ever deteriorates, I know it is her and not because I was late with her painkiller. I put the liquid painkiller on her favourite treats that I know she will eat without fail and I have found she is very good in taking her medication. Miley just licks off the treat and then continues to lick it directly from the dropper as I continue to squeeze it out.

Since Miley has been on her painkiller the past week coming tomorrow, I have noticed the positive difference. Miley is bright-eyed, she is comfortable and not vocalising like she was. Although Miley still has a limp, her walking looks more better and her posture too. Eating-wise, I have had a few good days where Miley has eaten much better than she did before having her painkiller. It will never be 100% I don’t think to before, but she is eating better than she did before, although last night, eating was very poor again, but Miley is still bright-eyed and all of the above. Time will tell what the future holds with Miley. I take each day as it comes and cherish every moment I have with her. My aim is to see her comfortable and, happy and not to worry about the uncertainty of what else was mentioned at the vets, as nothing is officially confirmed, unless we have to go down that route. But if Miley eats less as to what she has done yesterday, I won’t help but worry on that part, because it will mean she continues to lose weight. When I stroke her, I feel her bones down her back-end, which I found shocking at first. I am still worried, but I focus by looking at Miley’s eyes to see she is happy and her posture to see she is comfortable to remind myself she is ok as she can be.

Tomorrow, Miley goes to the vets where I fill her in on how she has been and for the vet to examine her. We then go from there.

I will keep you updated.

Birthday wishes to my cat, Miley.

Miley’s birthday will be on 20th April and she will be 10 years old.

My cat Miley on my lap

This is her estimate birthday that Cats Protection League gave her when she originally arrived there. I adopted her back in May 2013, at 5 years old and she knew she found home after 5 minutes of being in my home.

I have mentioned Miley several times in my blog posts here and at a previous blog that I no longer write, so to some she is no stranger. Back at this blog, I talked about her in some ways many times than I thought I had, while researching old posts for this post. But where she actually appeared in some way in photos, are just these posts I share below.

Posts about Miley completely, or that have a photo of Miley somewhere in the post. 

Those that have seen cute photos of her lying back in my arms like a baby and other photos, find her adorable.
Those that have actually seen her lie back when they have come to my home, cannot believe what they are seeing and are memorised by her. Miley has given lots of love over the years and there is still endless love to give.

To say her background she was neglected by a past owner; kept in a kitchen cupboard with the door closed and with only a litter tray, so arrived at Cats Protection League (CPL) when someone who discovered her while visiting, thought she would have her, but apparently her cat was bullying her and so she brought her to CPL, Miley has never been short of giving, or wanting love. She is a BIG fuss pot and is never far away. At the beginning she was that clingy, I felt suffocated. I had to watch my step, because she was that close to me. Every time I sat down, she was there in seconds, shoving her face in mine. She still does this, but it has calmed down a lot and she can have time to herself, away from me while I am still in the house. I will never forget the first time she did this and I panicked, thinking something was wrong. But once I knew she was ok, I relaxed knowing she felt safe to be on her own and secure and actually feel confident to have time out for herself, on her own. I was happy to see this, knowing her confidence had grown.

The only thing Miley had to learn, was how to play. She did not have a clue and when I first tempted her to play with a piece of ribbon, she was shit scared and went straight to the security of her bed. But after watching from there for the next 5 minutes, her  instincts started coming out and before I knew it, she was playing with me for 10 minutes. I repeated this the next day and she knew straight away it was play time. Days later, when I introduced a new toy; a ball, she was shit scared again. When eventually her instincts took over, she was knocking it around the room and only stopped when it hit the skirting frame. Seeing her ears go back when this happened, I knew she did not like it, but with encouragement, I got her to keep playing and now it it’s like second nature. You would never think she had a problem about playing now, when you watch her.

Last year, on cooler summer nights, I noticed her age showing a bit more in her back legs, but she still behaved like a three-year old, regardless of her actual age.
This year, I see she is sleeping more, but she is bright as a button and happy at times. I was really worried at first when she did this, with her not touching her evening meal. But I threw her favourite treats around the room and when I seen her chase and eat them with the same enthusiasm, I knew I had noting to worry about. But the worry is sometimes there because of her behaviour being different to before. She seems to be up and down. I have her Feliway diffuser back on, as I think she is stressed from me being ill. Until the diffuser has been on long enough to see results, I shall also plan to use a Feliway spray, as this will give immediate results.

Her booster is due in May, so it will be mentioned when she has that and a full health check while there, if I have not ended up taking her in before.