Condensation hardly

I am very surprised today, but happy.

First thing this morning, yes, there was condensation on the large living room window. Again, it was just the top half that is single glazed. I thought I had it on the bottom half as well, until I realised it was between the panes of glass.
I decided to open my small window and after an hour, I could see condensation was disappearing. I wiped down the remainder, expecting it to come back and it hasn’t.

Now, as I post this, I closed my top window a little, so it’s open just a little bit more than my bathroom. My heating is on and has been for most of day, when in. Although I can feel the cool air circulating, I can cope with this. I can still feel the heating and if I do need to warm my knee that feels the cold the most, then I have my blanket. But to say it’s cold outside, it’s not feeling like that inside and better than how I felt when I had the dehumidifier on and ended up turning off because of my knee biting with cold in the end yesterday.

As you can see in the two photos below, my window is clear. The dehumidifier being on yesterday has certainly helped, because my window would not have been clear like this. On the closer up photo, you will see that’s all I have in condensation. That and the panes either side, that have same amount as this one. This is a big improvement I have seen so far since being here. At night, I will allow air to come in and see what it’s like in the morning. This will be interesting.

I thought I would have to use my dehumidifier at least another day, but to see I did not need to, that’s good. I will hopefully only need to use the dehumidifier when drying clothes at least.

My bedroom, has not shown anymore mould since the one I wiped off. I still need to treat it, which I bought today.

On getting up this morning, there was only a small amount of condensation again, so leaving my bedroom door ajar at night is helping. I have though bought a Unibond Aero 360° Pure Moisture Absorber. I have used crystal type moisture collecting boxes, but it’s first time using this one, which is different. I was told by a member of staff that they are very good.

Peace and quiet continued, with chat on first impressions of my dehumidifier.

Second day of my peace and quiet while taking annual leave from work. 🙂 I have been so needing it and enjoying it so far. Today, I stayed in mostly all day. Mum came today for lunch, which I cooked a dinner. When mum decided to go home, I went out with her to the bus stop, until bus came. Bus was literally here within the minute of us being there. I then went to the shop for groceries, before going home and doing nothing else. 🙂

So in my post, Peace and quiet, I talked how I was waiting for a dehumidifier I ordered and why I felt it was needed. This is my update since then. After checking it worked ok, which hearing it run first in the living room, I immediately thought, it’s not quiet. I then moved it to my bedroom and I placed it on a towel, to hopefully help with the noise and vibration. How I heard it, might not be how you do, with me wearing hearing aids. Hearing aids assist, but don’t give back the same hearing I once had. As for vibration, I do pick it up more, as I got deafer, so again, how I feel the vibration, a hearing person is not likely to pick up that. I got into bed and turned off my light, which first thing I realised the power button Brighting the room up a little. Ignoring that, I then realise I can feel the vibration of it through the foot of my bed. As I say, because I am deaf, I will pick this up easy and for me annoying. But I try and put up with it, thinking I will soon ignore it. I can hear the hum of the dehumidifier, to say my hearing aids are removed, prior to  getting into bed, so I am concerned if I would be bothering my neighbour with this, if left on through the night as originally planned. It is also bothering me. So after being on for just over half an hour, I turn it off. From now on, I don’t plan to use it in my bedroom through the night and instead, I will sleep with my bedroom door ajar and let air circulate that way and see how I go. I did check the draw of the dehumidifier where any moisturer caught from the air would be, to see droplets had formed in that time.

This morning, I moved it to the living room and I had it on from 8.20am to 3.25pm, before turning it off because I was feeling the cold in my joints from it. I was planning on having it on all day, just the first day, but had to be turned off as I said. But in the time it was on, it was doing the job it was supposed to. I watched condensation disappear off my window. At one point, I chose to wipe off the remainder and it never reappeared, like it would. Not even after cooking dinner. So I am happy with it.

As it collects water, it does get a little quieter, so the tip I read where leave some water in, does help with noise and vibration, on top of placing a towel underneath. This tip coming from someone who had laminate floor to reduce the noise, but I think it helps on carpet too. I certainly felt noise-wise, in the living room doing this was better than before, when I didn’t.
Mum’s view was that it was noisy too, but she noticed like me, when the noise dropped a little.
Mum likes the look of it, like I do too.
While it has been on today, I did move it in different areas of the room, trying to work out best where to have it in the long run, which resulted me moving furniture a bit, before mum came. I will see how I go with it here.


The dehumidifier I bought, was the De’Longhi DEX 10 litre.

This was what it collected today, while on during the time mentioned. The water is about 2 inches high in this container.


For the bedroom, I will go about getting one of those that collect water using crystals in a plastic box, while still keeping my door ajar. I did notice though, that there was hardly any condensation on my bedroom window this morning, so door alone, looks like it’s helping. Although I don’t like my bedroom door ajar, or open wide, this is what I am going to have to do through winter, by the looks of it.

I have ordered an Acurite humidity monitor and I should receive it by the weekend.

Tomorrow, I will be either at times at home, or out and about in Mansfield. I shall get appropriate stuff from Wilko’s for treating the mould, after washing the area down with bleach water prior and it drying. I shall also clean my oven, that I knew needed doing prior to me moving in, getting rid of what ever grease, oven-baked on, that previous tenant did not clear. Not a charming job, but got to be done. Rest of my day will be lazy.

Thursday, will be a day with a friend, while Friday, I am not going anywhere. Avoiding Black Friday. 😀 Will you be avoiding it too?

Saturday, no plans and day with a friend on Sunday.

Peace and quiet

So it’s my first day of my annual leave from work. My week of continuing peace and quiet, in between things.

As you know, my Christmas tree  is up. I just let the pictures do the talking. 🙂

Today was check-up at dentist, which was all fine, so I don’t go back now till another 6 months for check-up. I met up with mum after and we time together in town for a few hours.
Afterwards, after calling in a shop, I went home and I placed my order for a dehumidifier, which is being delivered today. I looked at a few yesterday, before deciding on the one I am having. I have tried to avoid buying one, but I am going to need one here. What I have noticed with my flat that I have not mentioned here before, is during preparation in moving in, is signs that the flat has once had a mould problem. I have seen some patches that were obvious and some that I did not see until later, after moving in.
Now I have confidence that a majority of these are dead mould and won’t come back, but the walls around my bedroom window and the large window in the living room, I have been keeping an eye on, because of me knowing how much these windows are covered in condensation, as well as signs there was a problem before in the bedroom.

I have my bathroom window opened slightly, all the time, because there is no extractor fan.

My living room window I have had open wide all day nearly to find condensation has never completely disappeared, to having tried it slightly, like bathroom window and leaving it like that over two days, before deciding to close it. I have my heating on while trying this, but condensation does not completely go and I am cold.
Only one, or two occasions, because it was warm outside, that there was no condensation on the living room window.

Out of the two windows, condensation is worse on the living room window. I mean worse as in where I see it the most. The bedroom is worst first thing in the morning, after sleeping all night. As my bedroom window is a large window, it is not practical, or safe, to have this open during the night. There are no vents in these windows, like I had on some windows of my previous place.

My kitchen does not have a door on, as you will know from me sharing photos. When I cook, the lids are on the pans. (I did not do this before, where I used to live before) There is no extractor, so if I think there will be steam, I will open the kitchen window. ( I did not have one in old address either.) But like today, when I had my comfort food of potatoes with baked beans, topped with cheese, I see windows still show more condensation than before, on my living room window.

Out of the two windows affected with condensation, it’s the walls around my bedroom window, that is showing signs of mould.

Now bear in mind, the mould returning in my bedroom started, before I started drying my washing on the radiators. Yes, I know that by doing this, I am now creating even further condensation. Which is more reason of owning a dehumidifier will be valuable in the long run, to use over the winter period and for my bedroom at night, while sleeping.

Once my dehumidifier is in place and used for a few days, I shall clean the affected walls around my bedroom window and treat accordingly. I spoke to my neighbour about this, who lives below me, when he called by. I have bought the quietest one, but I was concerned about possibly disturbing him at night with it. But he reassured me that they are not noisy at all.

I have never had a condensation or mould problem before, in places I have lived before, until now. But I knew here, before I signed on the dotted line, that I had a feeling I  would. But it was that view and knowing I was secure here, until I am in a council property. The hoping for a council property, I will start to bid again, later next year, as I am in a 12 month contract, before it just roles on. So no point me bidding, until near the end of the term.

I will let you know how I get on with it, later and I will talk about the dehumidifier I bought in a later post.

Do you use a dehumidifier?

Chit-chat November extra

Today was Christmas lights switch on, in my local town of Mansfield. The plan was to arrive about an hour before light switch on, enjoying the music and what ever else prior to then. Now I know it would bring in crowds, but as I have not been to a local event like this before, I did not really know what to expect to be honest. But I was hoping it would not feel crowdy, like a tin of sardines. But it was, so I was down there just 20 minutes, before walking back home.
Back home, I played on a game on my phone I downloaded for free a few days ago, with some reading in between of a book called “Sea Changes,” by Robert Goddard and the Christmas tree will go up tonight.

I plan to avoid Black Friday. I shall stay at home that day, again, avoiding the crowd that might happen for this event.

I have been catching up over the last few weeks on DVD, “The Walking Dead, season 8” and “Wentworth Prison season 6.” I now await next year for the new seasons to come out and carry on where I have left off, once they are out on DVD.

Have you ever been to your local Christmas light switch on?
Do you avoid the crowds on events like I’ve mentioned, or similar?
What have you been doing over the weekend?

Frugal living – part 5

I have not done anything new, than doing what I’m doing already, as discussed in past frugal posts.
I am though changing how I cut my hair. I have been using this technique originally, as shared in this post, How to trim your own long hair at home. But now, I use this technique, which you will find in the link below. There are nine variations of how to cut your hair in this link and the one I use is method seven of nine, cutting pigtails.
After using the pigtail method, the only difference I do, is I don’t bring my hair to the nape of my neck, instead, I bring it into a ponytail at the front and point scissors upwards to cut, so not a blunt straight cut on the hair length.

Nine methods of cutting your own hair

The new method I now use, I have been doing a few times now. I changed the technique because I wanted to cut my hair shorter, but using the old technique would have made layers in my hair very short. This technique prevents that and it works for me.
As my hair is wavy, I find cutting my hair wet best, for previous technique I used and the one I use now.

In Frugal Living – part 4 I talked about thing’s I wasn’t going to allow myself to buy, until I ran out. I’m on my last bottle of shampoo now, so when I have run out, I will buy another. I’m also allowing myself to buy hand cream, after running out. But this is the only moisturiser I’m allowing myself, as I still have plenty of the other.

With downsizing from a two bed house, to a one bed flat, I’m hoping to see some savings. My rent is more than before, but I still hope to see some savings when it comes to heating. So this is what I will be observing the coming months.

What have you been doing in the frugal side of things? Anything new, or are you just continuing with what you have done so far?

Life update

It’s 2 weeks and 3 days since moving into my flat. I’m settling in still as I make appropriate changes.


My new curtains went up yesterday, slightly delayed than planned. This was due to the curtain pole above the larger window. The brackets had been bent round the rod, so the only way the curtains were coming down, were to be completely taken down. I ordered new brackets and re-used the curtain pole. So now the rod can come off the brackets, like it’s supposed to.
I was taken by surprise when my new curtains were up, just how it changed the feeling in the flat. (In a positive way.) They are a grey/silver colour, that are velvet.

My washer was connected by the plumber yesterday and after babysitting it today when it came to being on the rinse, I can safely say it will be fine to be left on its own. 😀 This was because when it was tried out while the plumber was there yesterday, it leaked on rinse. Everything was checked by myself and the plumber, so I felt reassured it wasn’t from the pipe at the back, or my washer. The issue could have been that there may have been a slight block in the waste pipe outlet, to cause that. It was obviously the case with not further leaks. After doing a first load, I adjusted the feet on one corner of the washer, as I noticed my washer was moving a fair amount, which surprised me, as it seemed stable. So I shall be observing what it’s like on the next wash when it comes to the spin.

Christmas will be coming early to some, as those that I post my presents to, will be on their way. I have done this so that I knew I had the money to post them, but also not to worry about reminding myself when to post them.

My Christmas tree will be up over the weekend. The unwanted furniture I am donating, is being collected by a charity tomorrow, so once that has happened, my dining table will be moved more away from my settee and nearer to the window on that side of the room, with my Christmas tree in the corner, or front of the window. (Not decided yet.)

Books and DVD’s

I’m enjoying reading, “The Book Thief,” by Markus Zusak. I’m near the end of it and so I should finish this by the weekend. I shall then start on, “Sea Change,” by Robert Goddard.

I am also getting back to where I left off with “Wentworth Prison” and “The Walking Dead.”
I bought “Wentworth Prison,” season 6 and “The Walking Dead,” season 8, on DVD’s. I have started on “Wentworth Prison” first.

Where I live

So as I said in, I don’t give a … post, I would talk about where I live. But since that post,  I have moved as you know to Mansfield and with other things, it’s delayed things a little. But here it is.

So Mansfield is no stranger to me, it’s just the first time living here. This is my fresh start, as my regular readers and friends will know, that I desperately needed. It’s close to work, as well as other things.

In the photo below is part of the main road, down the road from me. It’s this part of the road that I have to be really careful on crossing, because the traffic come from different directions here. The road that turns of to the left has three directions you could go, so with that and this main road, it can be chaotic.
I don’t usually like very busy roads, but I am doing really well with it. I suppose it is because when I am at home, with me not really being directly on the road and away from it, that’s what makes it better for me.

Where the road signs are, you will see a bus shelter, which behind there, there is a very small park with seating.

Own the road from here, are where I will follow me shops and, a cinema and a bit further, places like KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut, to name a few.


The rest of the photos are taken from a local park, called Titchfield Park and on here, which you will see in the photo below, but also closer up in the photo after, of Titchfield Tea House that I visited and talked about first time round in this post, Not long to go. I totally recommend this place on here.


The photo below, which you may not quite tell, depending on what device you are reading this post on, but the grey area is gravel and there is a group that comes on here playing Boules.