Chit-chat: Are you having another cat?

I thought this question would have stopped now, but it still seems to crop up and it did recently again.

The short answer is no.

But going deeper into the answer why it’s a no, if you are interested, is that I am in no situation to own another cat.

Most private properties, especially flats, do not accept pets, or to the point, definitely not cats, or dogs. Unless of course you are in a council property, they will allow, but there may be a limit as to how many, which varies in different areas. So until I am in a council property, I can’t even contemplate thinking of owning a cat. Even if I was allowed a cat, financially I can’t afford a cat right now.

By the time, if not before, owning a council property, I may go down the route of owning guinea pigs. But again, this is whether I can financially, even though I know they are more affordable once they have their set up. But I want to make sure they have the best. So until I know there is a place in a corner of a  room where will have plenty of room in a pen, it won’t happen till I know.

The only connection in my life when it comes to cats, is Cats Protection. I will go every time I have donations to give, from where Miley came from originally. So if you see me near there, it’s because I am donating, not adopting. 😊

Chit-chat September

So after looking up further info on riding a moped and looking where the nearest test centre would be, should I find I wanted to take riding a moped further, I have now removed the idea off my experiences list, which was in this post: “More experiences.”
There is no way I am traveling that distance to a test centre.

I cannot believe that there is no test centre for motorcycles in the Sutton-in-Ashfield, or Mansfield area and instead I have to travel to Colwick in Nottingham! Why?

I know that wearing a helmet, I would need to remove my hearing aids for comfort and so to lipread the person I do not know, who would give instructions to me in lessons and then later a different person on my test, as listening through a radio would be a no option for me, would be very tiring and not 100% manageable for me. Not counting also the journey to the test centre. So yes, I have removed it off my experiences list. Mum will be relieved though.

Moving on from this… What else have I been doing?

Finally got round to getting back into my studies.

For those new to my blog, my course is, “Dog Walking and Pet Home Sitting Course.” When I have completed this course and passed, I will receive a Level 4 certificate, from ABC. You will find out more about my course, in this post.
I have not long received results on assignment 3 and now working on assignment 4, as this goes to air. All my assignments I have done so far, I have done well on.

I read this book, over a weekend; “Whispering Hope,” The True Story of the Magdalene Women,” by Nancy Costello, Kathleen Legg, Diane Croghan, Marie Slattery and Marina Gambold, with Steven O’ Riordan.


Now I have heard about the Magdalene Women, but what shocked me was how long the way these women were awfully treated, went on for. It was bad enough and totally wrong what they experienced to start with, but to discover this was going on until 1996, when the last place closed it’s doors in that year, is even more shocking.

19th February 2013 the Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny apologised to the women incarcerated in Ireland’s Magdalene laundries.

I also read, “The Cat Whisperer,” by Claire Bessant.


A book I bought second-hand from somewhere and I have had on my book shelf for some time. This book will stay on my shelf, for future reference.
It was nice reading this book, bringing back memories I remember my previous cat did, as well as cats I have owned prior to her, while learning new things from it.

And these books I have read too, from the library:

  • “Sisu, The Finnish Art of Courage,” by Joanna Nylund.
  • “New Selected Poems,” by Carol Ann Duffy. (I have been meaning to read more of her poems for sone time, so finally got round to it.)
  • “Guinea Pig,” by Peter Gurney. (I have now bought this book from Amazon, second-hand after finding this a good book.

Also reading, “Forest Therapy,” by Sarah Ivens, which I ordered some months back. (Pre-ordered from Wordery.) I am enjoying this book and I will talk about it more later, when I have written up a blog post.

My plants

My Spider Plant is half its glory, from receiving too much love. (The plant suffered from a bit too much watering.) In the end, I had to re-pot with fresh compost and it is now showing signs of improvements.


The spiderettes, from this plant are doing great.


And this is my Forget-me-not.


My Parlour Palm, (not pictured) is still looking good, as in last photo I shared, in an earlier post.

I have tried a different tea, this one being Asda Rhubarb and Custard. It smells lovely and tastes great.


I found I could drink​ this tea hot, or cold, but it felt comforting and soothing, hot.

What are your favourite films?

There are many films I like, but the films that stick out for me are:

City of Angels

Starring Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage. This film I like because I think it was well thought out. The emotions in the film for some scenes, you can really feel them and I like how there is no swearing in the film. Meg Ryan plays Maggie, a heart surgeon and Nicholas Cage plays Seth, the angel.
I bought this film on DVD and I have owned this for some years. I have lost count how many times I have played it.

The Book Thief

I love this film, which I bought this DVD from a charity shop for 99p. So after I played it for the first time, I thought I got a bargain and it has been played a few times since. The film stars Emily Watson, Geoffrey Rush and Sophie Nélisse. The story is set during World War two. A girl named Liesel, is adopted by a German couple, when her mother can no longer care for her. Liesel arrives unable to read, but her adoptive father encourages her to learn. Her words and imagination provide her friends with an escape from the events that is happening around them.

Mrs Doubtfire

I first had this film on VHS. Goodness, can you remember VHS tapes? Who’s feeling old? Then I bought it second hand on DVD. I no longer have this DVD with downsizing some years ago, but I do love this film still.
Robin Williams stars in this comedy drama, as Daniel Hillard, who is a freelance voice actor in San Francisco. His character has to rebuild his life, after his wife files for divorce and gets sole custody of their children. But if he can prove to have a steady job and a suitable home within three months, then she would share custody of their children. This is where eventually Mrs Doubtfire comes in the film.
Although this film is a comedy drama, there are some touching moments.

Over the years I played this film, whether VHS tape, or DVD, it gave me laughter when I needed it.

A great actor that’s no longer here, who gave us laugher in many films and tv programmes.

So if I was to talk about film’s, these are what would come to my mind.

What’s your favourite film’s?

Chit-chat: My day today

My day started off a bit slow, as I was finding it hard to get going. I had a bad headache yesterday and with extra work, on top of my own, I am feeling it.

This post is a bit of a random post, as I am just talking about today, as it is right now I type this. I thought it would make an interesting, random post for some. (Random for me.) So it’s 1.30pm as I look at my watch at this point.

This morning, after getting myself going, I put some washing away, then after breakfast, I aired the blog posts before this one and then I adjusted my computer trolley. The computer trolley I have it mostly so I stand at it, when using my computer. But that was when I had my laptop still, to use the odd occasion sitting down. So with the laptop gone and needing a comfortable choice when it comes to using my computer later, when I type up my coursework, then I needed to lower my trolley.


The study I have neglected, with the things that have gone on, but my plan was to get back into it. Before I knew it, morning has gone and time for lunch, so the typing up I may more likely do tomorrow. Especially with feeling tired and not quite with it.

For lunch I had pasta, spinach and mixed veg, with a drizzle of mint sauce and now relaxing while writing this and waiting for someone to fix my tap.

The weather outside, as I look up is bright. No sun and no dark clouds. It’s not cold and I am appreciating the fresh air coming through my windows that are open, while I am in. I have had hem open some I have been up.
While I am sitting, I am thinking I would like to call in a nearby cafe to work and, call in there for a cuppa and a cake, before I start my shift. This all depends on if my tap is fixed by a certain time.
A friend has read my mind, as he texted about a cuppa part, not the cake like me as well. So it all depends on the man who will come to fix my tap, whether I get to eat my cake, before work.

What has, or will your day be like today? What’s the weather like?

Chit-chat August

My bean bag I was selling, after being advertised a good number of weeks with no responses, I took the advert down. I am not giving it away, so it looks like I am stuck with it. I take this is meant to be and that I must use it like I used to and relax on it with a book, or fall asleep because I got so dam comfy. 😁

My month has been a month of travel, whether short, or long. It’s been enjoyable with a month of some experiences as well.

Trip to Oxford to see a friend. These trips, whether me coming up to Oxford, or my friend coming down my way, are far and few in between, because of distance, but we always make most of the time and enjoy every minute of it. Usually the time flashes by, but I was thankful this time, that it felt it didn’t, to feel like we really did have half a day together.
With the weather being sunny, I got to see the sights of Oxford this time and I enjoyed what I seen. The only thing I did avoid, was looking in shops, like a tourist, because I did not have the money to spend, other than for a drink of pop later. But I stretched this to chocolate also. Ten minutes into the coach journey, going back home, I noticed my arms had been slightly caught by the sun. I would have been surprised if I hadn’t. But it wasn’t bad as it could have been. I felt totally relaxed too, like I had been if it was a five day holiday.

The next day, after sleep well, it was day out with another friend. I met him in a town where I hope to live one day and from there we went in his car to Tesco not far away for a drink, before getting our meals, to cook later at his. While at his, we watched a couple of films. A lovely and relaxing day.

5 day break in Newark was not my original plan as regular readers will know. But I did enjoy my time there and I was looking forward to it. I planned what I was doing, prior and the idea was to see something, or do something, where I have not been before. I have a friend who lives this way and she was off work all week and asked if I mind her joining in on a couple of things I was planning on doing. So we met up a few times during my 5 days.

Day 1, I arrived early afternoon to my hotel; ‘Beaumond Cross Inn‘ and checked in. Once sorted in my room, which felt homely and relaxing the minute I walked in, I texted my friend to let her know I had arrived and met her at the top of her street.
Today, my plan was to go to ‘Sconce and Devon Park‘ and visit ‘Rumbles cafe’ on there, which was a short walking distance to. There, we caught up in the cafe and talked about when to have our chippy night. We then walked around the park and after we went back to hers. Later from there, we went to an Indian restaurant called ‘Castle Cuisine,’ that I picked from ideas we could do that night. I had a chicken korma with plain rice, naan bread and a poppadom. I was stuffed and could not eat it all. The nann bread was bigger than expected. But afterwards, the sweet menu was brought to us, which I wasn’t expecting. So I made room for that. 😁


Day 2
, after breakfast, my plan was to visit the ‘National Civil War Centre.’ My friend has never been to this and she was interested in joining me in on this one. I waited for my friend at the hotel I was staying at. We had a pot of tea at the hotel first, before making our way there. The place wasn’t far away and we were mostly there all day, as there is lot’s to see and take in. We were both surprised on how much history was in there, about Newark.
There is a cafe called, ‘Nineteen20’ and toilets to hand, so everything under one roof. The place was much bigger than I imagined.
After we finished looking round here, we browsed shops for a couple of hours before calling in at, ‘The Prince Rupert.’ Here, we had drinks and a pizza and relaxed chatting, till we departed our separate ways. I then had an hour downstairs in the hotel, before calling it a night.

Day 3, was to bid on any two flats on the council list, before going down for breakfast.  I bid on just one flat, for an area I would live in and as I had time, I looked to see if there was anything new on private letting, which there was, so I sent an email. I wasn’t allowed it though, as landlord would only accept those that can provide a guarantor. There was another, which I had already seen, that they suggested, but I wasn’t going on top floor. I thanked her for the help and politely declined the other one. I said I would be in touch if I seen any others.
After a cooked vegetarian breakfast, which was very filling, I set out to visit the ‘Town Hall Museum and Art Gallery.’ As it wasn’t open until 10.30am, I had time to have a walk around. I called in a cafe called, ‘Cafe 17,’ which you will find on Castle Gate and I had a cuppa, before making my way back and taking my time to admire the art and see what was in the museum. Entry was free to this and for a small area they were in, there was quite a lot to see. Well laid out.

Next on my plans was a canal ride, so after calling at some public toilets beforehand, I made my way down to the canal. I was very early, but I wanted to sit down there and admire the view anyway, doing nothing. I was originally going to do this tomorrow, but rain was given out.
The canal ride was one hour and thirty minutes long, with these:


It’s​ not the first time I have experienced a canal ride, but its the first time in Newark and I enjoyed the ride.

Afterwards, I called in at the, ‘The Old Lock House,’ which is on the canal front. I had a latte and a cake. I did not fancy anything else, as my cooked breakfast was still keeping me full. I then walked round the castle grounds, before making my way to my friend’s house, late afternoon. This was going to be our chippy night and a friend of hers was going to join us on this too, who I have met before. We all had a good night.
I then left from there and, went back to the hotel and settled back in my room.

The photos below, are of the castle, with one photo overlooking the canal below.


Day 4, after a cooked vegetarian breakfast, the plan was to visit a couple of cafes, but in the end, I left it to just one cafe called, ‘The Old Bakery Tea Room.’ I had smoked salmon brioche,  with side salad, followed by lemon meringue. With it, I had a pot of Earl Grey tea.
Before calling there for lunch and after, my day just consisted of walking around looking through shop windows, calling at one and buying some greeting cards, the markets and taking in the scenery. I then went on the canal front and sat for some time, watching different boats pass by, before calling back at the hotel for an hour, or two.

Afterwards, I went to a nearby park I discovered yesterday; ‘Beaumond Gardens’ and sat there for an hour, before walking back round in town for half an hour.


After, I then chose to spend the rest of my time in the hotel.
At 5.30pm I had dinner at the hotel, which my friend joined in on this. It was absolutely lovely; mushroom and Stilton pie, with chips and salad. I was stuffed. My friend then departed later and I made my way to my room, to get settled for the night.

Day 5, after having breakfast, I checked out of the hotel some time before 10am. (Had to be checked out by 10am.) I did not make any plans for today, as originally the plan was to go home that morning, but I met up with my friend, just for a few hours. She met me at the hotel for 10am and we went to ‘Nineteen20’ cafe-bar, inside the National War Civil Centre and stayed there till after lunch, before departing our separate ways. For me, it was catching my bus from the bus station and start my journey back home.
I arrived back home about 4pm, quickly unpacked my suitcase, made myself a large mug of tea and played a couple of films on DVD. Then it was time to snuggle up, back in my own bed.

The Beaumond Hotel Inn I totally recommend

The family-run hotel I stayed at for five days was very welcoming, by all the staff that worked there. It was a clean and a relaxing place to be. I give it full marks for this place and I would totally recommend. Whenever I choose to stay in Newark again, I will use this hotel again and I have a feeling I won’t be long before I am back. 😊 It felt like home.
Breakfast was included in my stay. I am more of a cereal person, but I did have a vegetarian cooked breakfast on two occasions as you have read. I felt there was a good choice for breakfast.
The dinner I had at the hotel, as mentioned was lovely too and a good choice.

Getting to know Newark better

I have visited Newark quite a few times, but I haven’t seen everything. So my time here wasn’t as a visitor, but as a tourist. I got a feel for Newark more, by the end of my holiday, but it doesn’t mean I am likely to be able to give you directions, it just means I am less likely to get lost.

My planned holiday, exceeded my expectations.

The day after my holiday, I took some donations to a local charity shop. Later that morning, I went with a couple of bags of donations to Cats Protection. From there, I walked back to Warsop and chose to wait for a bus back to Mansfield, as there was not long to wait. I had my lunch there in town after doing something else I needed to do, before going home and watching some films, on DVD.

The day after that, was a day with another friend. We had a meal at The Alders, in Ollerton.
I like coming here and I have been here numerous times, for a meal.
Afterwards, it was a film back at his place. A relaxing day.
When I was back at home, I watched a film on DVD, before having an early night.

Discovering Nim’s crisps

At work, someone bought in a couple of packs of Nim’s crisps that she was given by a friend, as they did not like them. She wasn’t keen in them either, so she brought them in for us to try. It was either a hit or a miss with us. I for one liked them. I tried both apple and, the pear crisps and I liked them both. Here is a picture of the empty packet of apple fruit crisps.


I would certainly have them again and so I looked up to see where I could buy them from and it seems to be either directly from the company itself, or Amazon. There doesn’t seem to be a shop local to me, that stock them.
There are other flavours in the fruit and vegetables range. Some of these I would be willing to try, to see which are a hit or a miss for me. These crisps are healthy and are one of your five a day. They are air-dried and 100% natural and made in the UK. They are licensed by the Department of Health and are suitable for Vegans and Coeliac sufferers, it says in the back of the pack.

Chit-chat July

Since “Just a chit-chat,” I have got rid of my microwave that I no longer wanted, as I started to feel even more not wanting it in my kitchen.
Although I commented in that post how I would get a toaster, I have not done this and don’t plan to do so anytime soon. This is because I have managed so far without one and although I have missed having one a little bit, I wonder do I really need one. So I will see how I feel about this for a bit.


Since my ‘Anxiety‘ post in June, I have the following words from Letitgocoach, on my computer screen: “Inhale peace and exhale all your anxiousness. Imagine it flowing out of you on every exhale.”

Sticky note on my computer with the following words

Those words really helped to calm my anxiety in the end and by having these words at my computer screen, serve as a daily reminder.


My Parlour Palm I have moved to a new place, in case here will be better for it, due to it receiving more natural light. No direct sun comes through my window, so no chance of it being caught.
This would have gone on a small folding table, which it was the folding table I had returned back that day I posted the ‘Anxiety’ post, I mentioned above.
I should have never took the folding table with me, because it was obvious it had been used prior to me and I could see the two out of four plastic feet were missing. I took it in the end, because I thought I would get the parts from the company when emailing, but it turned out I was wrong. I could no be bothered to make another reservation for another, to collect when taking this one back, over the two missing plastic feet that I needed, to make sure I protected my laminate floor. So I asked for a refund.
I now have my plant on a plastic storage box, that I don’t often go in and I think it looks fine on that. I have no intentions of looking for another table, as I am happy with this, so I have saved some money.

My Spider Plant has been re-potted and has had some babies, for some time. (Spiderettes.) These spiderettes will have already been re potted, by the time this post airs. 🙂

Spider Plant with Spiderettes

You will see in this post; “Bringing some greenery into my life,” when I first shown you these two plants.

Loving my ‘2cellos’ cd

The album, ‘Score,’ by ‘2Cellos,’ I am really enjoying listening to and it’s relaxing as well. I shall be looking at their other albums, to see if any take my fancy later. If there are, when I next buy one, this could be at least 2 months down the line, otherwise I will treat myself nearer to Christmas.

Rent or buy

Since this post “Should I look into buying, instead of renting?” I have decided for now, to carry on renting.
I did not enquire with a mortgage advisor to see if it was possible now, to get a mortgage, or not, as I have decided that should I buy, I would like to put down a much bigger deposit, to reduce the amount I would owe.
After looking at my breakdown sheet, that I created some months ago,for my savings, I realise that this will take some more years. Longer than anticipated.
I will move first into another rented property, so I can downsize and save more and to be in the area that I want to be in. It would be just lovely, if I was in a council place. This is more likely to happen than the chance of buying I feel. I may choose not to buy, if it worked out alright and I was happy there. I know renting in a council property would feel more like home, than private renting.
If I choose not to buy later down the line, or for what ever reason, then I have savings to enjoy and go on holidays. I know as it is just me and no one else, that the house would not have nowhere to go, when I am gone, (I’d do a will, where proceeds of house sale would go to Cats Protection League, in Mansfield) and after reading up elsewhere of someones views on why she decided not to buy, I may in the end do the same. But whatever I do, even after reading her views and as I write this, my heart is strongly saying buy a home, unless off course I get a council place. That would feel like home too.
So while I think about this more, I will just save for what ever may come, or for that much bigger deposit I prefer to put down. 🙂

My mum

Mum seen the doctor that her own doctor referred her to. This doctor has changed her meds slightly. She has to take a little less what she is currently on and take the new ones prescribed at a dose she has been told.
A nurse had been arranged to see her at home. (I don’t know if this is a regular thing, or not.) But the nurse would like to see her again and this appointment will be before she sees the doctor again.
Mum said after all this one was done, she asked the doctor should she still have her counselling? The doctor apparently said no. I don’t know if this is true or not, or she read into the reply wrong, but stern words were said by me, to my mum, in regards of, don’t you cancel again. You do need it and you know you need it. Remember how I was before and after my counselling, to see how mine helped, so make sure you go and see it through. She said she will. I said her tablets are not a fix all, but they help. Make better use of what they can do and have the counselling.
I still continue to see mum fortnightly, with exception of the odd extra day now and again, when I call to her home. I keep in touch with texts between visits.

I have also managed to get my mum not to sit in court and watch the proceedings, after having another chat with her.
I mentioned to her that if there was anything she needed to know, to ask me and I could tell her without her having to listen to stuff that won’t be nice to hear.
Mum did not realise that the person first on scene would possibly have to give evidence and I said yes, there may be that and possibly more. It would’nt be a fair trial if everyone did not have the chance to tell their side on things. I said we might know things are bad, but I said to her, you have not heard already what I have partly heard and it’s not nice to hear. Even more so, for this medical professional who is more likely going to have to talk about it, being first on scene, it makes more the real and hard to hear it from them. Mum then realised with that and other proceedings she wasn’t aware of, that maybe it wasn’t best for her.
I explained to mum the reasons why I was going, which I know mum would have wanted to be there for same, or similar reasons. But mum can get those from me, without hearing the unpleasantly stuff.

As I continue to see mum fortnightly, on Tuesday’s, my volunteering role I do, when it doesn’t land on the day I meet my mum, I stay the extra hour longer, if help is required. Which mostly it is.

A note from me:

Due to me attending court, to see justice served for the death of my cousin and her husband, there may be a delay in your posts showing and me responding to them.

Just a chit-chat

New table

My new, much smaller table.
It’s a drop-leaf table, but compared to my last table, this won’t need taking apart, to get it through a door.


I missed not having a dining table, while waiting for this one.

Hoping to sell my giant bean bag

Now not used this past year, or two, this giant bean bag is still in the same good condition as I originally bought it, many years ago.
With the possibility I could be in a studio flat one day, with now bidding on these, as well as one bed flats, more reason to sell.


I am back on Twitter. This, like before is for my own personal benefit, so I won’t be sharing my Twitter link with anyone.
I rejoined because I learnt of a fire near my mum, that was bad and I wanted to find out how it started, to ease my mind. So it was either Facebook, or Twitter and the choice was an easy one to make. So Twitter it was. Facebook is too negative for me. I will use Twitter will for local, personal news updates.


I noticed last week how the timer was not moving, so this will mean I will need to keep an eye on it closely, so I don’t overcook my food. I thought to myself, after noticing this, am I going to buy another when this packs up completely? I have decided I won’t. This microwave was given to me by my mum, because she did not want it. But also she said it wasn’t working right. But mum wasn’t able to tell me in what way it wasn’t working. It’s been working alright for me in the time I have owned it, until now the timer not moving. If microwave one day goes, there will be room for a toaster.