“What do you want for Christmas?”

I know, I know, I am discussing Christmas before even the decorations appear in the shop. I feel for you, I do. I am also one that cusses when the Christmas decorations appear in the shop before Halloween has even happened. But you know what? shops are not the earliest people to prepare, because I am and maybe I will discover there are readers too.

I start getting the odd Christmas present early in the year, so that getting one here and there instead of all in one go, means hopefully, I should not feel it in my pocket. I also beat the Christmas rush that everyone else likes to do. But this year has been a little delay in parts with what has happened in my life, so I have been a little panicky about whether I will do it. I think I will though, but that is least of my worries, with the distraction I will have in October.

Also, my mum is always be on the ball, July time, asking me, “What do you want for Christmas?” and I have to say my eyes roll, because I dread this question sometimes, because I am someone who feels they have what they want. I can’t always think what I want.

But after some thought these last two months, I know I don’t want to own things that will cause clutter, this is things like ornaments, picture frames, other nik naks.
But if it’s something I can use, like for example, perfume, clothing, decaf tea, flavoured teas I have been trying, decaf coffee, biscuits, notebooks, A4 paper, pens, pencil crayons, these simple things will keep me happy.
I remembered last year when a friend appreciated his coffee and tea at Christmas and it got me thinking that yes, I would be happy with that. It’s getting used. It’s a simple idea for a person who has everything they feel they need.

Are you like me when it comes to Christmas? Are you realising that simple things we use would be fine at Christmas? Any other comments, do share.


Early start and a good deed

As I mentioned in previous post today, I was awake early before my time, so I got up.

After breakfast, I walked into town for shopping, in preparation for Sunday dinner for me and a friend. Calling in Asda before 8am meant I had beaten any sign of the big mad rush of other people shopping and I got what I required in 20 minutes. Or so I thought, because as soon as I walked over the car park, I realised I forgotten the veg. But never mind I thought, as on a positive note I thought, I will walk back down and shop elsewhere for my veg, enjoying the morning walk.
On walking home with this shopping, I passed the Chernobyl charity shop and the lady who runs this shop was putting out the bins. I said morning and asked if she’d like a large bean bag. She said yes and on coming back into town, I dropped it off at the shop as promised. Now for some reading this, it may have come as a surprise that I gave it away, because in an earlier blog post some time ago, I talked about not wanting to part with it for free, after trying to sell it. But since then, I have had the urge to give it away and if I was going to, then this shop came to mind, because of the appreciation shown in the past of donations I have dropped off there.

I feel good and lifted for giving away something that I feel was part clutter for me and also for helping this charity shop at the same time, as they can get some money out of it.

What time do you get up and …

Being an inquisitive sole, I was wondering what time my readers get up in a morning and the time you go to bed? Would you like to share, then please do in the comments below.

I get up at 7am every morning.
I started getting back into a daily habit of getting up at 7am some more months ago, whether I needed to get up at this time, or not. I like the extra hour I get in my day by doing so.
I find I am ready for bed by 10pm every night, with occasions of going to bed a little earlier than that.

I am also noticing this past month and this morning, that I seem to be awake just after 6am. Even though I do, with exception of this morning, I will stay in bed till 7am. Maybe one day I may start getting up at 6am, unless work calls for it by then, when ever I am in a morning job.

Has any of my readers done inktober?

Has any readers here done inktober before?

I am thinking of doing it for the first time this year, but with moving home coming at some point in October, I wonder how much I commit to it. Or maybe should I do it privately and then share in one go what I managed to do, at the end of October, to beginning of November?

I wanted to do it last year, but I can’t remember the reason I did not follow it through. Maybe I did not have a reason. It was also when I had first heard of it, but inktober has been going longer than that.
New prompts for this year in October have not long been shared and you can find those propmts here and the rules if you would like to join in, in the link below.



#inktober #inktober2018

I am SO GLAD, that my gut instinct was wrong…

I am SO GLAD my gut instinct was wrong. The first time I have ever been wrong and I am glad I am wrong, as I would have felt so hurt if it had been true.
If you have read my post already; Stressing… I am concerned I am going to lose my flat, along with the deposit to hold it, you will have known that my gut instinct was telling me and making me wonder if my current landlord would go back on his word, when it came to supplying a reference.
The company the estate agents use to chase up the references, that was saying they tried to call my landlord, NEVER left a voicemail. If they had done, he would have got back to them and if he is like me when it comes to not recognising a phone number, he isn’t just going to phone back, when they ain’t left a message.
When I shared the landlord’s email to pass on to the referencing company to use and get him that way, last Friday, he did not get their email till this morning! And I wonder if it was only sent after I emailed them back, after they emailed me, saying have you emailed him? because they only said they tried to call him in the email.

Both myself, my current landlord and the estate agent have been communicating appropriately and the references have now been completed, I have been told in an email from estate agents. But I knew from my own landlord, that he had sent it, as we had been communicating via text, keeping one another up-to-date. I will update him next when I do have the keys to the flat, then when I post the letter signed for, giving my one month notice.

Now things start moving.
Next week, I will be paying my deposit and months rent in advanced, as planned.
Then I collect the keys at the flat on 1st October and sign the tenancy agreement.
So it will be really official by then and I hope to share with you officially, at night.

I would like to think there will be no more emotional upsets, but although I really want this move from Sutton-in-Ashfield, to Mansfield, there has been lovely memories in this home.

Thank you for following me, on this journey. 🙂

Chit-chat: Are you having another cat?

I thought this question would have stopped now, but it still seems to crop up and it did recently again.

The short answer is no.

But going deeper into the answer why it’s a no, if you are interested, is that I am in no situation to own another cat.

Most private properties, especially flats, do not accept pets, or to the point, definitely not cats, or dogs. Unless of course you are in a council property, they will allow, but there may be a limit as to how many, which varies in different areas. So until I am in a council property, I can’t even contemplate thinking of owning a cat. Even if I was allowed a cat, financially I can’t afford a cat right now.

By the time, if not before, owning a council property, I may go down the route of owning guinea pigs. But again, this is whether I can financially, even though I know they are more affordable once they have their set up. But I want to make sure they have the best. So until I know there is a place in a corner of a  room where will have plenty of room in a pen, it won’t happen till I know.

The only connection in my life when it comes to cats, is Cats Protection. I will go every time I have donations to give, from where Miley came from originally. So if you see me near there, it’s because I am donating, not adopting. 😊

What I am grateful for in September

  • For receiving the Sunshine Blogger Award
  • For laughter and chats
  • For treating mum to a cuppa
  • For eating apples from a friend
  • For lunches mum has bought me
  • For films and books
  • ‘Me times’
  • For email
  • For work and being involved at work, when Tour of Britain came into the area.
  • For job interview
  • For communication between me and the estate agent of my new flat
  • For bed
  • For eating apples and plums, from my uncle.