Chit-chat November extra

Today was Christmas lights switch on, in my local town of Mansfield. The plan was to arrive about an hour before light switch on, enjoying the music and what ever else prior to then. Now I know it would bring in crowds, but as I have not been to a local event like this before, I did not really know what to expect to be honest. But I was hoping it would not feel crowdy, like a tin of sardines. But it was, so I was down there just 20 minutes, before walking back home.
Back home, I played on a game on my phone I downloaded for free a few days ago, with some reading in between of a book called “Sea Changes,” by Robert Goddard and the Christmas tree will go up tonight.

I plan to avoid Black Friday. I shall stay at home that day, again, avoiding the crowd that might happen for this event.

I have been catching up over the last few weeks on DVD, “The Walking Dead, season 8” and “Wentworth Prison season 6.” I now await next year for the new seasons to come out and carry on where I have left off, once they are out on DVD.

Have you ever been to your local Christmas light switch on?
Do you avoid the crowds on events like I’ve mentioned, or similar?
What have you been doing over the weekend?

Craving quietness

The last two weeks I have been craving quietness. I just want silence. This quietness I seek has come on even stronger this past week. So with this and how my body has felt at times the past week, I am looking forward to peace and quiet, where I can with what ever gentle, in between.

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I am sharing this important post, as a cat lover. This post highlights how important it is to look, before you lock up things, like out buildings, sheds, garages, etc… Whether you own a cat yourself, or not, it is important that when you do lock up, to make sure you have not locked in a curious cat. Please read this post for further details.

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Chit-chat November

So we are 13 days into November. Soon be Christmas. 😀

I learned a bit more about my new doctors since this post, Why do people NOT observe the rule, don’t phone? when I talked about the accessibility that this my new doctors do, that the other did not.
Since making an appointment recently, to see the nurse, I noticed my appointment reminder had a text, or email option, should I need to cancel my appointment. I think this is really great and this is something my previous doctors did not provide, which would have meant me calling into the practice itself to cancel.
My appointment with the nurse is tomorrow. I am hoping my anxiety is minimal, or nil, because I noticed that when I called into the practice yesterday, to say this was second time popping in, I had some anxiety I wasn’t expecting. Hopefully this will all die down, as I get to know the practice.

When it comes to e-readers, should I decide to buy one, I know that the Kobo brand will be best for me. Thank you to everyone that commented in post, E-readers or books? It confirmed for me, that Kobo would be best for me with the comments left in this post and me looking a little further by googling. But as I say, I have not really decided to buy one now and whether I will in the end, I don’t know. I will see how I feel in the coming months.

I am looking forward to my week off work next week. All that week is called for in some way.
Monday will be an appointment with the dentist. Just a routine check-up, then I will meet up with mum while in the area, for lunch. The remainder of Monday once home, will be watching DVD’S, or reading and nothing else.
Tuesday to Saturday, I have kept myself open for a friend who is going through something difficult at the moment. I will see her how ever many times she’d like to meet up during that time. If there are any days I don’t meet up, then I plan to have a lazy days, or maybe a walk in a park, or two.
Sunday will be what ever comes my way, or a further lazy day. I am just going to go with the flow, because the past week has been difficult at times, where I have struggled with energy and having either sore muscles, or joints, or both together. This has made it hard work at times, at work, when my body has felt like this, so I am really looking forward to the week off next week and I am counting it down.
I may, if motivated, put the Christmas tree up, at some point in that week.