Women’s Car DIY book Giveaway – Now Closed

I have decided today, that the latest giveaway: Book giveaway: Women’s Car DIY  is now closed.

I have taken this decision to close slightly earlier than planned, with me taking donations to Cats Protection today.

No one entered this book giveaway and it’s had plenty of time aired on my blog, which was first come first serve basis, for this giveaway. This book will be taken with the rest of my donations for Cats Protection.

Book giveaway: Women’s Car DIY

Car manual for women

So it’s time for this book giveaway, as promised. This will be my last book giveaway, of this year. The giveaway is open to all.

This giveaway is first come, first serve, so please observe how to enter, so you don’t miss out. But just in case no one is interested, I will still put a deadline on this giveaway. If it happens and no one enters, I will give this book to charity.

If you would like this book, then please email me on:

liz.myjourney@gmail.com making sure in the subject header of the email you write is, “Women’s Car DIY.”
Please leave your full name and address at this point, because the first email I receive, wins this book!

The deadline for this giveaway is, 15th September 2018, 9am, UK time. Unless first person claimed, before this date, which this post will be marked closed.


Post update on 9th September 2018

This giveaway has been closed early, which reasons why, are the in this post: Women’s Car DIY book Giveaway – Now Closed

Book giveaway to come

I’m hoping winner of previous book giveaway announced yesterday, claims their book, as I would love to post their prize. The winner has 7 days from yesterday’s​ date and email sent to winner announcing it, to claim their prize and letting me know where they would like it posting. 🙂

Book giveaway​to come, is this book as photographed.


It’s the, “Women’s Car DIY – The Multi-Tasker’s Manual,” by Caroline Lake.

This book is brand new and something I bought for me, when I was all for having my own car. As I do not plan to do this now, I thought I will do a giveaway on here soon for anyone here who might like it.

When I post this giveaway later, as this post is just a preview of book giveaway to come, you will need to be quick, as I will do this giveaway first come, first serve type giveaway. But just in case this book giveaway does not interest anyone, I will also put a deadline on the post being up and visible.

As I say, this post is just to announce the book giveaway coming soon, so you know of a book giveaway coming. So if it is a book you would like, or know someone who does, then keep your eyes peeled for the post. It will be my last book giveaway too. (Of this year.) This book giveaway will be announced some time in September. 🙂

Book giveaway time

book cover of Depression is a liar by Danny Baker

Book giveaway time and this time I am giving away one book of the following; “Depression is a liar,” by Danny Baker.
You will remember last month that I did a book review of this. For those that missed it, you will find it here.
This book was passed on to me and now I would like to pass it on. So if you would like this book, then continue reading, to find out how to enter in this giveaway.

If you would like this book, then please email me on:

liz.myjourney@gmail.com making sure in the subject header of the email you write “Depression is a liar.”
You do not need to give me address at this point. I will ask for your address, should your name be drawn.

I will keep his giveaway open until 22nd August 2018, 9am UK time.

Later on that day, when it closes, (or the next day,) if quite a few have entered, I will put all names into a bag and draw one name out. (The name will be announced in a new post, when they have informed me where to post their book.)

If no one has entered, this book will just be put in a donation bag I have one side for a charity shop. (I will mention also in a blog post if it turns out this happened.)

  • This giveaway is open to everyone, regardless where you live.
  • The winner will be notified by email and they will have 7 days to reply by, letting me know of their name and full address of where they would like to send me this book. Please make sure you give full address, i.e. USA, Canada etc… so I can address and post the book correctly, should your name be drawn out.
  • Once I have an official winner, I will announce later, in a new blog post their name and blog link, if they have a blog and I will update at the end of this post too.
  • As always, details given are only for the use of this giveaway and not shared to anyone else. Details will not be kept once the giveaway has ended.

In the past, usually I will email everyone that has entered, just to tell them they are in the draw, but if quite a lot have entered, I may not be able to email you all, as I usually would. If this is the case, don’t think you have been overlooked, you will have been added to the draw.

Good luck to everyone who enters.

Book review: “The Art of Happiness – A handbook for the living,” by HH Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler.

This book is not something I would usually read, but because of the way my path is changing for the better, along with other things that have helped me to get where I am today, I chose to read this book.

This book, my mum is now reading, after waiting patiently. She was very curious as to why I was reading it, as well as interested herself. My mum does not really know everything I have been doing, to get where I am today. When there has been parts I have revealed to her, because I thought they would be helpful to her, she did not take them on board. Maybe she will, when she has read this book herself, although my mum has other qualities already, like easily showing empathy for other people.

This book should be read by everyone, as there is something we would all learn by reading it.
This book is not preaching religion and it doesn’t matter if you are religious, or not, or whatever religion you are, we all have something to learn from this book, to better ourselves.
I have enjoyed reading every page of this book and although I’m doing some things already, I still have lots to take on board.
Once mum has read this book, I shall pick up this again, reading it all through once more and maybe taking some notes along the way. Then later, it will be useful to read in parts where needed.
This book will remain on my bookshelf and prove to be useful, in the future.

Now don’t be put off with the contents of this very informative book, as it is easy to read in small doses and pick back up on where you left off. But that’s if you can put it down.

Contents of this book:

Authors notes

1. The Purpose of Life
Chapter 1: The Right to Happiness
Chapter 2: The Source of Happiness
Chapter 3: Training the Mind for Happiness

2. Human Warmth and Compassion
Chapter 5: A New Model for Intimacy
Chapter 6: Deepening Our Connection to Others
Chapter 7: The Value of Benefits of Compassion

3. Transforming Suffering
Chapter 8: Facing Suffering
Chapter 9: Self-Created Suffering
Chapter 10: Shifting Perspective
Chapter 11: Finding Meaning in Pain and Suffering

4. Overcoming Obstacles
Chapter 12: Bringing about Change
Chapter 13: Dealing with Anger and Hatred
Chapter 14: Dealing with Anxiety and Building Self-Esteem

5.Closing Reflections on Living a Spiritual Life
Chapter 15: Basic Spiritual Values


Book review: “Depression is a liar,” by Danny Baker

Danny Baker written this book almost two years after his last depression episode. The book is about everything he has felt and experienced with his struggles, to eventually his triumph over his depression.
Danny Baker wanted to tell his story, so that other people with depression will realise they are not alone and that there is recovery. He also wanted to share his lessons he’d learnt along the way, that eventually led to his recovery.
For four years he suffered from life-threatening bouts of depression, which led to alcoholism, drug abuse, medicine-induced psychosis and multiple hospitalisations. Since his recovery, these days he’s happy, healthy and loves life.

Reading this book you get to learn about what a person can feel when depression takes hold. As in this case, you are learning how Danny Baker felt and his experiences.
For those who have never experienced depression before, this book will raise awareness.
For those of us that have suffered depression of different degrees, you may relate to this book; the struggles getting out of bed, struggling with life, being a huge self-critic and low self-esteem, are just some of the examples.

Danny Baker has a website where you can find out more about him and further books he has written. This can be found at www.dannybakerwrites.comwww.dannybakerwrites.com

(This post review is my own personal review. I have not been asked to write this.)