Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

As I talked about in Chit-chat October, I knew that I was a sensitive person, but as being a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’ (HSP) was new to me. I looked up further about HSP, after a reader commented how she was a HSP and wondered if I was. I googled the film/documentary she mentioned and then I visited another website on the topic. I could see from further reading of both the website and book I have bought, “The Highly Sensitive Person,” by Elaine N. Aron, Ph. D, that I am a HSP. I continue to work through this book, as said in Chit chat October, so I’m sure I will discuss things I am learning, in future posts here. There are some things I either remember, or remembering, which I am processing and I now look at differently, for the better. As some of my memories are from childhood, I may at times have to practice extra self-care. But I am fine as I do this, because I have the tools to do it, learnt from therapy, as well as additional I learnt, that worked for me.

I will leave you with website link I visited and read more on this topic.


Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

4 thoughts on “Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

  1. I read Elaine Aron’s book earlier this year, and the sense that I got was that when my illness is in remission I’m emotionally sensitive but not an HSP. When my illness is hitting me in full force, though, I become the equivalent of an HSP.

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    1. From childhood I see traits I had, that obviously felt normal to me and still are, but same time then, and as an adult, I used to question. The book is helping me to see understand this and accept this better than before.
      I have always craved time to myself and more so when things are too busy, amongst other traits I have learnt I have, or had, that I have not mentioned. I am not even half way into this book yet, so I wonder what else I will learn, or discover.

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