Early start and a good deed

As I mentioned in previous post today, I was awake early before my time, so I got up.

After breakfast, I walked into town for shopping, in preparation for Sunday dinner for me and a friend. Calling in Asda before 8am meant I had beaten any sign of the big mad rush of other people shopping and I got what I required in 20 minutes. Or so I thought, because as soon as I walked over the car park, I realised I forgotten the veg. But never mind I thought, as on a positive note I thought, I will walk back down and shop elsewhere for my veg, enjoying the morning walk.
On walking home with this shopping, I passed the Chernobyl charity shop and the lady who runs this shop was putting out the bins. I said morning and asked if she’d like a large bean bag. She said yes and on coming back into town, I dropped it off at the shop as promised. Now for some reading this, it may have come as a surprise that I gave it away, because in an earlier blog post some time ago, I talked about not wanting to part with it for free, after trying to sell it. But since then, I have had the urge to give it away and if I was going to, then this shop came to mind, because of the appreciation shown in the past of donations I have dropped off there.

I feel good and lifted for giving away something that I feel was part clutter for me and also for helping this charity shop at the same time, as they can get some money out of it.

10 thoughts on “Early start and a good deed

  1. I too had a valuable possession I wanted to sell off but it was unsuccessful. In the end I got frustrated that the item was cluttering up my room and I gave it away for free (to a friend). She was so happy about the pristine condition I sent it to her in that I couldn’t help but be happy for her too. 🙂

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    1. Yes, it does have a knock on effect. It’s nice to know that if it proves more useful to someone else, when no use to yourself, then I imagine, like myself with my stuff I gave away, I am happy knowing it is being used. 🙂

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