Why I don’t want to drive again

As much as I enjoyed the experience and I knew what was right for me; driving an automatic car, I don’t plan to drive a car again.
I have said that it was because of money; knowing I could not afford to run a car and this is true. But it’s not the full reason. I was struggling to the idea of continuing to drive, since the death of my cousin, Sandra and her husband, Michael.
When I failed my second driving test, because I got too close to parked cars, too many times, this examiner also gave me some other feedback about my driving behaviour. Although it hurt and I had not had any conversation of this kind from my driving instructor because he said the total opposite of this, which is obvious that sat navs played a huge part in the way I drove that day. I was originally still determined to have a third test regardless. When I told a family member about this driving instructor, he said it sounds like you had someone like I had years ago. This was described in a way, without adding any swearing to it and said not to let that stop me. I said it didn’t, I just don’t want to get behind the wheel no more since losing my family members. I also refuse to drive while sat navs are part of the test, because I personally would not use one. I don’t want distraction off the road.
But, although not being able to afford to run a car, no matter how I many times I rechecked my budget, even if I could afford it, I rather that money go to a holiday, than running a car. With losing my cousin and her husband to a careless driver, even if I could afford to run a car, I just don’t want to be behind the wheel more so, since losing them. He understood, but I was surprised I had this conversation, as I thought I had made it clear enough I wasn’t driving again. But nevertheless, as I have said before, the driving lessons and the whole experience of it, has not been a waste.

So this is the full reason, why I have no intention of driving again.

8 thoughts on “Why I don’t want to drive again

  1. Ohhhh darling. xx This is fine for where you are right now. The death of your cousin is still raw in you, but time will heal. A year from now, you may be ready if it’s still on your heart. We can’t let what happens in the world, stop us from living our lives, or we would all be hermits. Driving is not that big a deal, as long as you have other means of transportation for getting out and about. You will know when the time is right, but for now, you are just fine. xx

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  2. So sorry to hear about your cousin and her husband, that’s tragic and understandable why you don’t want to drive. I can relate to this as I really dislike driving myself. I passed my test but don’t own a car and much prefer walking or getting the train. I think it’s still possible to live life to the full without a car and no shame in not wanting to drive. It’s not for everyone 💖 Thanks for sharing Liz xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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    1. Thank you. I am same before even having driving lessons; prefer good to walk. I know how I feel won’t change. I rather not struggle with money when owning a car. Instead I would rather have a holiday. But driving lessons were not wasted, it gave me confidence to try other things. Hence post on experiences I want.
      I just don’t want responsibility of a car and my family deaths have made this more stronger. Xx

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  3. I agree with Letitgocoach. Now is probably not the time for you to be focused on driving tests, and it is perfectly fine if you don’t want to drive. If you live in a city, cars are barely necessary anyway. And it is always something you can revisit. HUGS!

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  4. Sorry to hear about your loss. But do realize that everything is a passing phase. You are certainly not in the best frame of mind to begin driving at this point, but time is the best healer. Try to build your confidence each day slowly as opposed to simply deciding not to do something. Don’t lose hope

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    1. I am certainly not interested in riding a car again, but I wouldn’t rule out a moped. But moped is totally another story and in another post.
      I just not going to worry about affording a car and the running costs, in addition to the other influences. I don’t want the pressure.
      I rather just travel by other means and enjoy putting money towards a holiday. x


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