Update on my cat, Miley.

Since last update, after taking Miley to the vets for her follow-up appointment and discussing with the vet how she has, or not been, it was decided an x-ray was needed. It was my call, as they did not want me to feel pressured. I said I wasn’t and I think it would be best if Miley had them. But depending on x-ray result, I also allowed an ultrasound to be done, if required.

I ended up with bad news, as Miley’s x-ray shown she had many tumours, which a couple of the tumours were big.
One of the largest of the tumours was in the soft tissue near her left front leg, hence she held that leg up at times. The other tumour, once it gets bigger, would affect Miley’s breathing.

After discussing things which then led onto to discussion about euthanasia and my wishes, I brought her home. I have now been spending the last few days with her, although a couple of the days I have gone out as planned to give our home a normal atmosphere.
It’s also a chance to give my mum a chance to say goodbye too and anyone else. I have made arrangements to have her put to sleep at home, on Monday. Me and my mum will be with her, when she is put to sleep.

As you will expect, it will be quiet blogging for a bit. x

13 thoughts on “Update on my cat, Miley.

  1. That’s heartbreaking, I’m so sorry it’s such bad news. I think you’re doing the right thing, having her at home and keeping things as normal and comfortable as possible, showing Miley all the love in the world and having the chance to build memories and say goodbye. I feel I could cry reading this, it makes me so sad. Sending hugs your way ♥
    Caz x

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    1. Thank you.

      I have cried and wondered whether I would hold it together for Monday, as I want her to be stress-free as possible. But some how, since yesterday, I have felt stronger. I think walking in some woods helped, while out that day. I hope I can keep my tears away until she’s asleep.
      Miley will then be taken away. I won’t be having her ashes, but I am having a paw print in a frame.
      I have taken some last photos this week, one of which shows her paw. It’s just cuddles when she wants them now. X

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    1. Thank you. It never gets easier. The only difference is requesting Miley to be put to sleep at home. I have never done this with other pets, but my feelings felt strong to do this for Miley. X

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  2. I am so sorry. I’m glad that you all have a chance to say good-bye. You were a good cat-mom to stay on top of her health and opt for the x-rays, etc. And cancelling your holiday was a big deal, too. I’m sure that she appreciates all that you are doing, and the suffering that she will avoid.

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  3. I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. It’s such a difficult decision to make, but I’m sure if given the choice she would choose to be at home with you. I hope your last days together are filled with love and happy memories.

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