Update on my cat, Miley.

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to those who have sent good wishes, the support and for following with interest, when it has come to talking about Miley.

Miley ended up going to the vets a couple of days later, after this post; “Birthday wishes to my cat, Miley.” She had a full check-up and nothing could be found wrong physically. I thought Miley would be dehydrated at the time too, but she wasn’t. Miley had lost some weight though and if I have concerns about this months down the line, then just bring her in so they can monitor her.
Blood was taken to do some tests, which came back all good, so no signs of any kidney/liver disease, no diabetes and her protein levels were normal. So it seems to be stress related.
As it seems stress related and I have the Feliway going, there is nothing else much I can do, but I have gone and bought from iTunes, “Calming Music for Cats Deluxe Edition,” which is created by “Relax My Cat.” I came across this by accident a couple of years, or more ago and I played it online, out of curiosity. I could see Miley was falling asleep with it. It still seems to relax her in some way and so by playing this, I hope it helps her further in some way. I have also bought Andre Rieu – ‘Amore’ album. I hear classical music is calming for cats as well, so relaxing for her as for me.
I have also bought Russell Watson – ‘The Platinum Collection.’ I like hearing Russell Watson as well as Andre Rieu, but buying either of these artists for myself, is a first for me. I have enjoyed listening to something different, in my own home.
Over a week later from her above appointment mentioned, I took her back, as I wondered if she might be in pain with her back legs. But also, since the above mentioned appointment, I noticed Miley was holding her front left leg up slightly, even though she does weight bear on it. After another good examination and getting her to walk across the room, the vet could see a hobble going on, put her posture was better than at home. Vet agreed to try her with some painkiller and to see how she goes the coming week. This  painkiller is in liquid form that she has once a day, at the dosage the vet has told me. If it seems to help, then dosage will be sorted for long-term use, which she will have to go back to the vets every 3 months for regular checks. But if any deterioration happens, then I have to bring her back in sooner for further examination that was mentioned, which at the moment I won’t disclose here, as I have not told my mum everything because she would focus on that and not the present of just getting her comfortable and happy again.

I have cancelled my holiday

I have cancelled my holiday to Torquay I was having originally in August, because of Miley. By cancelling at this point, I just lose my deposit, rather than the whole thing. I need to be available for Miley, so I know she gets her painkiller every day. I made the decision a few days into March, after her last appointment at the vets because of what I have said in this post, but also because of another possibility I have decided not to mention, along with anything else that could crop up.
While Miley is alive, I have no further plans of holidays away, only day trips.

Tomorrow, will be one week from being on her painkiller. I give her painkiller every night at the same time. Giving it her at night makes sure she always gets it at the same time with me being home without fail after work, etc.. so that if she ever deteriorates, I know it is her and not because I was late with her painkiller. I put the liquid painkiller on her favourite treats that I know she will eat without fail and I have found she is very good in taking her medication. Miley just licks off the treat and then continues to lick it directly from the dropper as I continue to squeeze it out.

Since Miley has been on her painkiller the past week coming tomorrow, I have noticed the positive difference. Miley is bright-eyed, she is comfortable and not vocalising like she was. Although Miley still has a limp, her walking looks more better and her posture too. Eating-wise, I have had a few good days where Miley has eaten much better than she did before having her painkiller. It will never be 100% I don’t think to before, but she is eating better than she did before, although last night, eating was very poor again, but Miley is still bright-eyed and all of the above. Time will tell what the future holds with Miley. I take each day as it comes and cherish every moment I have with her. My aim is to see her comfortable and, happy and not to worry about the uncertainty of what else was mentioned at the vets, as nothing is officially confirmed, unless we have to go down that route. But if Miley eats less as to what she has done yesterday, I won’t help but worry on that part, because it will mean she continues to lose weight. When I stroke her, I feel her bones down her back-end, which I found shocking at first. I am still worried, but I focus by looking at Miley’s eyes to see she is happy and her posture to see she is comfortable to remind myself she is ok as she can be.

Tomorrow, Miley goes to the vets where I fill her in on how she has been and for the vet to examine her. We then go from there.

I will keep you updated.

11 thoughts on “Update on my cat, Miley.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the things we do for our pets. I have always put my pets first, that I have had over the years, including Miley.
      If my pets are happy, then I am too. ☺️ x

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  1. Oh poor Miley, I’m so sorry. I’m also sorry you’ve had to cancel your holiday to Torquay but I would be the same with not wanting to leave. I hope the vet appointment goes ok and that the gorgeous little one continues to be as comfortable as possible. Sending hugs to you and Miley…xx

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    1. Thank you, Caz. There is now way I could leave her. I am taking it by each day. Miley has so far only had treats, but she has had no dinner at all today. Eating yesterday was not good, so if she carries on like this, then she will lose more weight. But to say there is no appetite, she is comfortable, looks bright-eyed and has been enjoying her cuddles with me. xx

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