Chit-chat – catch up. (Final post for 2017.)

D.I.Y. Retreats

Since last post I written on a D.I.Y. retreat, I plan to create another one sometime before December. My next ones after will be the New year sometime and when ever I feel I need to do one, which will be at least every couple of months.
I know creating these compared to just having time-out, I really benefit from these because of creating a schedule of some kind. Knowing the benefits I get from doing these will come in handy when there are times I cannot afford a holiday, or simply on a day trip.

Tooth out

I had my tooth out finally, a couple of days later from when I unfortunately learnt of my cousin and her husband’s death. I made sure that I did nothing on the day my tooth was removed as advised, but also the day after. I allowed myself to sleep when needed. The tooth came out successfully, but I continued taking my paracetamol as I did have some discomfort from it. I was surprised that I did not feel self-conscious about this missing tooth, compared to the tooth itself, which I was. I go back later for impression to be taken and then back to a later appointment for fitting of this false tooth.


I have closed my Linkedin account as I felt my opinions using this remained the same, after trying it. In no way did I feel Linkedin helped me towards searching, or getting a job. Suggestions of jobs were mostly nothing I was after and when they were, they were not anywhere near me. I know I want to move, but the distance of some of these jobs were impossible. Searching for jobs I used my usual ways and at no point did I need to use Linkedin. As for job I did get, see below.

Job update

I heard from one of the two jobs I last applied for and I went for a job interview, which went well and they were impressed with me. There were more to be interviewed though that day and on another day the following week, but they did say when I would know by, whether I got the job or not.
They made my interview accessible to me, by making sure they spoke to me while facing me and not covering their mouths and I felt comfortable with them and hopeful that my disability would not be an issue with them. I learnt the day I was expecting to know, in the evening and I got the job. This is such a relief for me. The next step was filling in a form with medical details and I am awaiting on a further email to confirm when I can actually put my notice in. So when I am back to blogging next year, I should be able to give you a quick update on how things are in the new job.
Again, like with my job before, I won’t be exactly saying in detail where I am working, other than it’s another cleaning job. It’s in the next town from me and I hope that if another position ever came free in a morning, that I would also be able to apply for that too and build up my hours. Until then, I need to be flexible and cover mornings when required, so my pet business plans are on hold. But I don’t mind this and I still plan to continue with my pet study course, as it could still be useful in the future.

My hand

As you know when I last gave an update about my hand, I did not get all my results back. This meant I only knew about my blood test, but not the x-ray.
I continue to take my vitamin D supplement, which I will continue to do until spring arrives.
I have finally received my x-ray results back and everything is fine, so I did not need any follow-up appointment. I still have some discomfort, but it is much better than it was and it doesn’t cause much of a problem.


I still and will continue to volunteer for Ashfield Play forum, while I can, but I have called it a day at LEAP (REBOOT.) I decided to finish earlier than planned from due to  family bereavement. But also, if I can, I plan to get involved in any way I can to help in regards to bringing down the speed limit on the road, that killed them. I have written to the person concerned at a Parish Council, who has been trying for the last 14 years to bring the speed limit down, so it’s all the same, as it varies at different parts of this road.

Driving lessons

I have my further driving lessons to come, since passing theory and hopefully I will have more news on how I got on with this, next year.

Last post of 2017

This will be my last post of 2017 and I will see you all in the New Year.

I need to take time out and get my head together. During this time, I will rarely be checking for any comments on my blog, but when I do, I will publish and reply at times.
As for my emails, I am not going to be available there much. I don’t know how often I will check them, so please bear with me. (I will be activating some kind of automatic away announcement.) As for my close friends who I see personally, I suggest you message me via Facebook, for a quicker response.


My Christmas tree I still plan to put up, which it is going up in memory of my aunt Mona. These who have followed my blog for some time will know it did not go up last year, as it was a very difficult time prior and leading up to her passing away on New Years Eve. When New Years Eve approaches, it may be difficult again, on top of the above and bring unexpected emotions, but it will remain lit day and night when I am at home.

Stay safe everyone and I will see you some time next year.

16 thoughts on “Chit-chat – catch up. (Final post for 2017.)

  1. I feel so sad that I won’t see your updates or see you ‘around’ on the blogging scene – please know that I will miss you!
    I’m so sorry about your cousin and her husband also. I feel I should say more but I know that words don’t go far in making tragedies less awful or more tolerable. Just know my thoughts are with your family.
    Huge congratulations meanwhile on the job – Wishing you all the very best, that it goes okay, that you settle in well and without any problems. Please do drop me an email ( if ever you want to chat or vent or anything, rather than on your blog, as I’m always here.
    For now, take care and all the very, very best  ♥
    Caz xx

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    1. Hi caz. It’s just last post for this year. I will be back in New Year as promised in my post at some point. During this time I am quiet till then, my blog will be on show. This can be an opportunity for any readers to catch up as I know following many blogs can be difficult at times.

      I am struggling with the death and it will be a while I expect for the funeral to happen, because of the circumstances, but thank you for your condolences. It’s really appreciated and thank you for your email which I have in my contacts.

      I can’t wait to start the new job. I hope I will know on Tuesday when I can put my notice in, so it is more official. A lot of weight has been released off my shoulders, knowing at some point I will be leaving.

      I have a couple of draft posts for the New Year ready, so although quiet on my blog, behind it, I may be writing in a book or on my WP dashboard. xx

      Best wishes to you and thanks again.

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  2. I just wanted to stop by and give you a hug and to say how wonderful I feel you are doing. I am so grateful to be witness to your personal growth. Thank you for having your blog.
    You have made such progress and tend to handle everything like a pro. Perfectly! I am not sure you always see it that way. I am proud of you, Liz and you should be super proud of yourself!.
    Keep looking within yourself, to find more of who you truly are. You are the only one who really knows you. You are the only one who can choose what is best for you. You are the only one who knows what makes Liz happy. And you deserve to be happy 24/7. Everyone does! Right?
    Remember, you are always loved and never alone, especially during the darkest of times. You can shut yourself in a closet, turn off the light and you are not alone.
    Keep On, Keeping On. You are very special in many ways. Hold your head high! Know that you are special/original and deserve only the best in life! Hugz, ren

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    1. Thank you Ren.

      Thank you for your lovely comment and yes, you are right, that I don’t always see it this way. Proud it another word I don’t often use either.

      I know when I come back in the new year, my first post I plan to write is a chit-chat post to give everyone an update from my last one. Then the next post I plan to write is a post that will serve as a reminder for me of achievements I have made in 2017.

      Hugs right back to you, ren xx

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      1. You got this, Liz! You are a good person and you know it. Do you tell yourself, out loud, of all your accomplishments? Of how proud you are of yourself? What a beautiful being you ARE. ? I great compliment goes a long way. See you next year!

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    1. Thank you. The job, I have got pending they are happy with my references and medical. As I write this, i am still currently waiting for this result, which I still hope remains a positive one and where I can finally, officially, put my notice in.

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  3. I am so sorry for all you have been through. Your year sounds a bit like mine, minus the tragic loss which my heart breaks for you over. I also had a tooth out and fillings and trying to find a job. Yuck and yuck. Here to us both having a better 2018.

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    1. Since this post, I have discovered something that has shook me to the core. It has made me feel sick and question a lot of things after what I have found out. (I shall blog about it in the new year, in my first post, along with other updates.)
      If it wasn’t for trying to get my head around this tragedy, I am also having to get my head around something else. I am now in touch with Samaritans to help me get through it.


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