My very personal space

Since I have lived where I currently live, one place in my home that is now a very personal place for me and not somewhere I allow anyone else to see, is my bedroom. Before, I did not mind visitors seeing this room in places I lived at before, but since I have lived here, I do mind.
I think the reason why I have changed is because of my past relationships, but in particular how the last one did not work out that really hit me hard because he was my rock, my soul mate etc.. (not going further into chatting about this relationship as personal to me,) regardless that I made the decision to end it. Also, I don’t intend to go in another relationship now.
I am open on a certain level, but there will always be something very private to me and this is it. I won’t give myself too freely in showing everything about me and this is one of them. Although I shared a photo of my Lavender cuttings in a photo on this post Garden update – Inside and Out, it does not show what my bedroom looks like. But that is as far it will go. It is my personal space just for me and even my mum has not had the opportunity. I would have to be ill, or be in hospital for this to happen. I am happy to keep this my personal space as long as I need it to be. 🙂

Do you have a personal space that you like to keep, just for you?

6 thoughts on “My very personal space

  1. I guess I would say my entire house is my personal space. I don’t really have people over because well I don’t like people. Well that’s not true at all I like people but when Im home I just like to be alone I guess.

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  2. You are growing just like the plants you care for. We need one space that is all out own. The bedroom is sacred on many levels. I didn’t fully appreciate that sacred space until I went through Chemo. Laying on the bed 3 days out of 7, it gave me comfort, and helped heal. It is still my favorite place to sit, and just be. Much love to you. ❤

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    1. I certainly feel I am growing these last two years.
      My bedroom this year I can say is more of a comfort to me than any other year. Changing the colour scheme of my bedding to greens and vibrant blues and now the lavender cuttings has made it feel that little more special. Hugs. 🙂

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