‘Me time’

I have talked about a little, (I think,) regarding me time. Not a whole topic on the subject, but maybe a little somewhere here on my blog. If not here, then possibly on other blogs when chatting about me time. Until now.

I think a person should at least give themselves 10 minutes a little ‘me ‘time,’ if pushed for time. But if you can a little longer, than all the better. When having a little ‘me time,’ turn off the phone and keep away from the computer and any other gadgets connected to the web and do a little something for you. This can be anything from that soak in the bath, with no distraction. (Handy if you are a busy mum.) Listening to music, a walk in the park, gardening, listening to music, or crafting to name a few. For each and every one of us, ‘me time,’ of some kind will be beneficial.

I have known to have ‘me time,’ but without turning of the phone, or the computer in the past. So yes, I hold my hand up to this, that what I say here and do have been a little different. But one time, I remember when I went on holiday and turning of my phone for undisturbed me time holiday, it was just impossible, because I knew someone would be worried about me if they did not hear from me. So I agreed I would contact them at night before having my dinner at the hotel. When I turn on my phone to do that, I find they are already panicky texts because I did not reply earlier. I did tell them I would not be answering all day while on holiday. What part did they not get? If mobile phones had not existed, just how would they have got hold of me? Simple. They wouldn’t have been able to.
Next year, I have booked two weekend holidays. The first one will be in February and I plan to tell people I am no way texting till I am back home. I seriously want my alone time. The other is in May and whether I will want to do he same then, I don’t know. Until then, I plan to have a ‘me time’ this Saturday. Again, I will warn prior, I will not be on Facebook, internet, phone for that whole day. I am having my quiet time, when back home from hairdressers and maybe have lunch out. I plan to motivate myself and paint my nails, while listening to some music. Maybe later, watch a film, before seeing what is on tv. Food wise at night, while in front of the tv, I just have not decided on. I am going with the flow.

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