Where I feel free

woman in woods

What do you feel when you see this image?

For me, I feel as I would if I was actually there, I would feel free. I love walking in woodland, being with nature. It is relaxing and I feel free, because I can be miles away when walking.

This is something, that when I was a child and old enough to go on my own to a woodland area with my dog, it was an escape from all my troubles. This has also been a source in my early 20’s. So it is not totally surprising that this and parks, I feel totally at ease here.

5 thoughts on “Where I feel free

  1. There is nothing more inviting than nature. To walk into the woods and be still, only to hear the animals fill the air with sound. I have a woods behind the house. It’s a retreat from everything.


    1. How nice to have the woods behind the house. My cousins home is the same, with the woodland on the back. I have walked through those woodlands twice and it was lovely. There was even a spot where there was a lot of squirrels about. It was lovely to see.

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