IMPORTANT INFORMATION for my followers of this blog!

This is an important update for followers of My Wellbeing and Learning Journey.

After receiving an email of what it would cost next year to renew my blog on the personal plan I have it on, (unless I put a renewal in soon,) I have found the pricing will go up.
The price is a huge cost increase for a personal blog that I write just for pleasure and not for profit and so to renew the personal plan and keep my domain https://mywellbeingandlearningjourney.com is just not worth it.

This blog is not a business blog and never will be, so it’s too much to pay for something I don’t earn money from. To go up to a price as it’s turned out to be is a huge increase for me, that I cannot afford, so I have cancelled my subscription. If I knew it would increase to that much, I would never have upgraded my blog in the first place and instead kept it on the free domain.

What does this mean for this blog?

Nothing straight away as of yet. You will continue to read my blog ad free. But next year, from 23rd July 2019, my blog domain https://mywellbeingandlearningjourney.com expires. This means my domain will go back to the free version I had when I first started blogging, https://mywellbeingandlearningjourney.wordpress.com

How will it affect you?

Any followers that followed this blog from 23rd June 2018 and onwards will be affected. I gather it will affect both  email followers and those who follow via WordPress reader. Those who have followed my blog when it was originally https://mywellbeingandlearningjourney.wordpress.com will not be affected.

Please bookmark https://mywellbeingandlearningjourney.wordpress.com on your computer for future reference, or whichever device you like to view my blog from, so that you can re-follow me back later, when the domain goes back to the free domain in July.

I plan to make my free domain link primary domain, in the New Year. (Way before it expires.) This will happen on 10th January 2019. So when you visit my blog, you will find it https://mywellbeingandlearningjourney.wordpress.com and not https://mywellbeingandlearningjourney.com

So if you followed my blog from 23rd June 2018 and want to keep following my blog after 23rd June 2019, then do make sure you re-visit and sign back up to emails, if it turns out you don’t receive updates when it has gone back to my free domain and if you are viewing my blog through WordPress reader, you can add the free domain link now to your reader, as this domain has been still available while I was using the paid version.

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The atmosphere

The atmosphere at work seems to be there still and again, at end of shift, someone does not seem to have their sense of humour, so she snapped and left me feeling upset. Not that she probably noticed, as I kept quiet after that and left her to it still muttering, while I watched, before leaving the room. (Before, on  another occasion, it was me that snapped, because I was sick of being dragged into the other thing that has caused this atmosphere, that I cannot go into.) Along with how I am feeling as a HSP and also the sensitivity to sounds I am having at the moment, that did not also help.

As I mentioned in comments on another post, that something went off at work causing now what is an atmosphere. As a HSP, I struggled with this and I talked in earlier posts how I craved my week off for quietness, which I had.
Also prior to my week off and coming back, I decided to take myself away from it by sitting somewhere else, till time for work. If I did not do this, I made sure that I arrived at work enough to put my tabard on and my safety shoes, so that by the time I’d done that, it wouldn’t be long before time to start. Doing this, helped me to not pick up all this atmosphere, which I felt closely I would feel the need to be off work sick otherwise, if I didn’t.

Slowly, the past week, I have been rejoining. But I can tell it’s still there and after tonight, I am upset. But I am reminding myself that she is upset for whatever her own personal reasons, whether be it work issues, or what started the atmosphere as a whole for all of us and that I am sensitive to all this, down to me being HSP.
I remind myself as I am at home tonight feeling upset, that this will pass. That I love my job and it’s just the atmosphere that is spoiling it.
But next week and onwards, I plan to be there just to work and only speak when it’s to do with work. If I am earlier than expected, I will go back to sitting by myself, only speaking to certain colleagues individually during shift, in passing. I don’t want to be dragged into this atmosphere. I have had enough. I am there for work, nothing else.

My email to WordPress, after …

After what I announced last night, after coming across my email regarding the price for personal plan this blog is currently set as, I felt I needed to email them at WordPress. I have never emailed them before, but after sleeping on what I discovered and announced last night, after making my decision that wasn’t hard to make, I felt I needed to air my thoughts to them. This was my email:

When I first signed up for a domain at £36, although this was expensive to me, I was happy to pay for my own domain for a blog that I just write for personal. Especially when I have been happy with WordPress. But after an email yesterday that it tells me it’s going up to £58 when I add the total combined, I wasn’t able to condone or afford that price for something I don’t earn money from.
If the price was reflected from the start of what it goes up to, I would never have bothered and kept it just as a free domain. I feel I have been duped and I am not happy. This should have been clearly explained from the start, like other websites do. And no, I am not paying to avoid the hike when I don’t know what lies ahead in price. I don’t want to be airing a new domain for nothing.

As you know, I cancelled my subscription the minute I received that email and my readers have been informed what will be happening to my blog.

Spot the difference

Two photos below. The first photo is before and the second photo is after, that I took today.

Can you spot the difference?

You only need to look at the Christmas tree of before and after, to play this.

Can anyone spot what is different with my Christmas tree?

You might need to zoom in on the first photo, depending on what device you are on.

Plastic drawers in corner near dining table