I have moved in

So yesterday was my moving day and I now live in Mansfield. Hooray! 🙂
The removal men started at 8am and were done by 8.50am.
I made sure my bedroom was at least set up first and then my living room cosy again; moving, or emptying bags. The rug that usually would go down and n my bedroom was to big for the room and so it’s now down in my living room. The photo below is from my living room, that I just share for today’s post. More photos some time later, after having time to settle in.
Between now and then, I will be sorting out arrangements to donate those pieces of furniture I mentioned in an earlier post.
I also have a few other small bits I don’t want, which I will see if a friend wants first, otherwise I will donate to a charity shop.

I enjoyed my first night at the flat. I look forward to many more days and nights here.

Not long to go

It’s not long to go, to me moving and I am feeling more excited, when I did not think I could get anymore excited. I am also finding that I am starting to feel excited about Christmas too. I have not had the feeling that I am experiencing towards Christmas, for years. I cannot remember when I felt like this.

I am hoping my gas will be sorted and it in my name by when I next need a shower, but I bet I will be having a shower at mum’s next week at least. The delay with this, is the estate agents said it was under the same company for both electric and gas, but they are wrong when it came to the gas. So I contacted the appropriate one and then I had to answer a few more questions later, which was just a day ago I did this. Once they have these answer, then my top up card would be sent. So now I wait for a few more days, or hopefully less to hear they will send me my top up card, for my meter.

Then there is just another matter to hopefully hear about soon, in making sure it’s in my name and the bills part will be sorted.

Worked out nicely

I thought with the timing of my notice to end tenancy for house, that I would have some rent to pay, but landlord will collect keys end of this month and so I won’t need to. So some of this money saved, will go to two pairs of curtains for my living room windows. I plan to do this before first week is out, living at the flat. 🙂

Landlord had a quick look around the house this week, before he goes on holiday and he was happy with everything. I will next meet him when it comes to handing the keys back. We had a quick chat before he left, with a shake of the hand. He’s been happy with me as a tenant and he will miss me.

Tomorrow, I plan to be at flat for a few hours and my mum will meet me there. Mum is going to make her own way, to see if she gets off at the right bus stop. If she times it wrong, she will be off a stop early.

I’m proud of my mum, as she has done something this week, that would have been out of her comfort zone. My mum has joined a poetry group that meets at a library twice a month. She enjoyed it and plans to go again. Go mum. 🙂

Wednesday, just gone, I decided to visit Titchfield Teahouse for lunch. One of many places in the new area I will be living soon. It was first time here and it won’t be my last. A relaxing place, with good customer service and food. It set me up to continue with next job back at flat, before relaxing until time to go to work.

The speed will be 40mph

The councillor replied back, after I asked if it was going to be 30mph, or if not, what will it be? It turns out the road will be 40mph.
Now as much as I have said I won’t rest until it’s 30mph, I am happy the speed has been reduced from 60mph to 40mph. It might not be the speed I originally wanted to see, but I do know at being 40mph, it will be just as good, because no car is going to lose control at that speed on that particular part of the road.
The road there, will also have an anti slip surface on that bend.
I hope when the new speed signs go up that it is clear in both directions for drivers, what the speed is for that part of the road, because coming from one direction, there was never any before.

I really wish others knew this about me…

I’m not boring and I am approachable

People in the past and some probably now, not that I don’t care what others think now like I once did, but some thought I was going to be boring. These were proved wrong and they held their hands up to their wrong assumptions. The conclusion to why they thought I would be boring, was because of me being quiet and also how I was dressed, as this particular occasion was my hen night, all those years ago. (The first relationship, that I was abused in.)
I would like you to know that I am not boring because I am quiet to start with and you will find me approachable, should you choose to speak to me. We may even find common ground.

I do have a sense of humour

Just because you may find me quiet at first, as I have mentioned​ above, when it comes to talking to me, you will also discover I do have a sense of humour.

I people watch

I people watch sometimes. Imagining what they may be like. Observing their relationships with their family, or friends.
I especially like seeing elderly couples holding hands, while walking in the street. It’s so lovely to see and I wonder just how many years they may have been together.

Just because I have an invisible disability, doesn’t mean it don’t exist.

I am deaf and, I have depression and anxiety.

Unless my hair is tied up, you won’t see my hearing aids, until I mention I have a hearing loss.
People say, ‘ I speak ok,’ but like my hidden disability, it doesn’t mean I am not deaf. I am deaf, but to hear you better, I have to see your face to lipread, while hearing what I can with my hearing aids.
I would also like to add that my hearing aids assist me, but they don’t magically give back my hearing I once had. I also watch your face expression and your body language.
I will need you to be patient with me, as I may need you to repeat if I miss something and I will be very appreciative of this.
I will be able to tell if you don’t have the patience to chat with me, don’t want to be there in general. I may also pick up on if you are not feeling yourself, which if I do, I am known to ask if you are ok

Depression is another invisible disability. On the surface, I may seem fine to you, but underneath, I could be the total opposite.
My depression is not bad like it used to be. Being in a new job has helped greatly, as well as counselling for other matters already blogged about here.

I have anxiety and depending how it is, you may see it, or you may not. Again, like my depression, it’s not bad as it was, but it does like to creep up more, than my depression.

I can sketch

From the age of 9 to early 20’s, I was regular sitting at a table sketching. After that, I stopped, until the artist side of me crept out again with ‘Sharpie Sunday’s‘ and other prompts. Although it’s not got me back to my sketching route I once did. I would like to though.
I am not saying I am good to sell as an artist, but if I had kept it up as I once did, then they may have been.

One time, I couldn’t look in a full-length mirror

I hated looking at myself in a full-length mirror one time. This started after I left the first relationship. Although I don’t own a full-length mirror still, I know I wouldn’t have a problem looking in one.

I give 100% in the workplace

I give 100% in the workplace, but sometimes I will give a 110%, because I love my workplace so much.

What do you wish others knew about you?

At the flat

So as I mentioned in yesterdays update, I am at the flat today. A little pottering about, but mainly relaxing until the man comes to take a look at my bathroom window. My friend will be coming a little later, which I received his card to welcoming me into my new home.

Photos below to share with you, that I have taken today. I will end the post on those.








Another update

Another update for you, if you don’t mind these updates.

I heard from the councillor in response to my email. He apologized for not getting back in touch. He was told new signage and speed reductions would be finished mid October and after he checked that day he emailed me, that they should be done in the next two weeks. He drives that way most days and looks out for seeing signs of work being done.

What gets me with this email, like before, is the word “speed reductions.” Are we having 30mph, or not? I have come straight out with this question, in a reply and this is the only thing I have asked, because as he will know from my past emails and as I have shared here, I want to see 30mph and the village do too.

At work today, I had a meeting with my boss, this was my appraisal and part of something else that goes towards professional development that is being done online. So chance to talk about different things work related on different levels, as well as my personal development level. My review is still a positive one, that they are happy with my work and he receives positive feedback from staff.

A couple of weeks back, I received re-fresher training on the floor cleaner machine. I had two days of it, to be sure I was confident with everything about it. With me having this and new pads in place for use on the new flooring, means I will be expected to come in most Saturday’s, to clean the mall. That’s no problem, as I always have shown eagerness for overtime on Saturday’s. But I don’t think it will be most Saturday’s, more like a couple of Saturday’s a month, if I am lucky. You know how companies have to watch their budget and with how I have observed how many Saturday’s I have been asked to do since being there. I don’t think there will be overtime much this month, but I do know I definitely have a weekend to come in November.

With me being another member of staff that knows how to use the floor cleaner, means I could be one who may show the next cleaner how to use it.

Tomorrow, I will have day at the flat. I will be taking a packed lunch and potter about, or just chill.
A man will be coming to have a look at the bathroom window. I imagine by then, I will know more if it’s a fix, or a new window.
Later, my friend will call there, with knowing I will be in the area.

I am counting down now to my moving day. I can’t wait.

Life update

Just thought I’d give you a little life update.

Friday, I spent day at flat till work. Paperwork I mostly needed to do. But after learning my gas was under the supplier the estate agents said it was, my next job was to contact the right one.

Saturday, my plan was to be at the flat, to just sit and admire my view, but to do some little things, as well as unpack some boxes.
I also met my landlord for the first time, as he arranged to come round that afternoon and see what needed fixing. He did some repairs and others he will do a little later, when he has the things he requires. Another job will be left with a person who is more qualified.
My friend and my mum were at the flat when he came, so I introduced him to them. He seems very pleasant and very welcoming. Unbeknown to him, he has an admirer. My mum.

A TV stand that was already in the flat, I asked him if he was able to store it, as I would not need it. He said I could throw it, as he left it for the next tenant, in case they wanted it. I said it was too good to throw away, so when my furniture is all here, I explained to him that I was already planning on donating a couple of items, so I would donate that if fine with him. He was fine with that.

There is nothing more I can unpack now, until the remainder of my furniture is at the flat.

The little things I did, in between unpacking some boxes was putting up my LED peg lights on a wall and hanging some pictures off the pegs  I had ready for them. Prior to leaving, I placed a couple of sticky hooks on a wall, which a couple of wooden plaques will hang of them.

I was going to put my canvas print of Miley up, but I forgot to bring the tools for the job.

Today, was a relaxing day with a friend.

Further email sent to councillor

Since this “Email I sent to local Councillor,“which as I mentioned in another post somewhere, I received an acknowledgement to it, but a longer email would be given later. I am still waiting for that longer email and as you know from a post before, today, it is one year to losing my cousin and her husband.

Another email was sent yesterday, as it was 6th August, I last heard.

Hi (name withheld)

6th August was the last time I heard from you. Tomorrow is one year from losing Sandra and Michael (last name and area witheld).

I have not forgotten. But have you?

If you are seriously waiting for certain papers before you can proceed further than you need to chase them up. Especially when since then, there have been two other incidents.

How long are we all supposed to wait for 30mph sign to be erected in (area witheld)? How many more incidents have to happen, or deaths? How would you feel it was your family that died there, instead of Sandra and Michael (last name witheld)? Would it change things? Would things move quicker?

I am not happy that you are taking this long about creating some action and getting this 30mph sign up and making it more clear the speed you should be doing!

I want action. Not just words. Until action is created, your words are now of little comfort, because you are taking this long to acknowledge any further in this email and on (details witheld.)


(My name at the end.)